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Week of 02/29/2016

“Establishment” Has Nobody To Blame But Itself
You know, I’m getting sick and tired of hearing about the so-called “Establishment” in the GOP whine and bitch about the 2016 Farce.
You know who I’m talking about.  The party bosses and party manipulators and K-Street and C-Street lobbyists and the millionaire-and-billionaire kingmakers who have turned our political process into a whorehouse and our country into a bloated war-wacky Raubwirtschaft. (Go ahead, look it up.)
Apparently they’re not happy with how things have been turning out so far in the presidential campaign season.  Never mind that they turned the process into a non-stop barrage of campaigning.  Never mind that they manufactured this “secret primary” run by the media for a whole year before the voters actually cast a single real vote in a primary or caucus.  Never mind that we have a situation now where presidential contenders can be forced to run early and then drop out before a single human vote can be cast in a primary or caucus simply because of what some poll says.
Never mind all of that.  Now that the real votes are being cast in the actual primaries and caucuses by real human beings, the political culling has begun, and all of those GOP “establishment” candidates... are the ones being kicked out of the clown car!
Senator Lindsey Graham, former governors Bobby Jindal and George Pataki and Jim Gillmore, the phony “libertarian” Senator Rand Paul, the pompous former governor Mike Huckabee and “frothy mix” Rick Santorum, and former CEO Carly Fiorina have all been booted from the clown car, and nobody really noticed too much.
But then the GOP lost Jeb!
You know, former governor Jeb Bush, who remade himself so his last name would be an exclamation point.  Jeb!
Yes, the third career politician from the Bush political dynasty.  The supposed “smart one”.  The one that everyone said was better than Bush Junior.  And let’s not forget that Junior is considered to be the GOP’s lord and savior.
Jeb was the “establishment” candidate.  The one that was supposed to be the nominee for the November Election, just like Hillary is for the Democrats.  All the party players had to do was to say his first name and people would just vote for him simply because of who he is.
Jeb is gone.  Gone!  He washed out after the South Carolina Primary.  The primary that he pulled out all the stops to win.  The one that the whole Bush family campaigned heavily in.  The state full of veterans and fascist war-mongers and bible-thumping theocrats heard his name and did not go running to vote for him.  So he’s done.  It was win-or-bust, and he busted out.
Funny, because he said back in September that victory in that state was assured and you could, and I quote, “take it to the bank”.  Well, Jeb, maybe you should have talked to your older brother about banks and the GOP.  Or just talk to your former constituents in Florida about trusting banks after what they did to the American people for the Great Recession.  Well, at least you can give up that exclamation point now, for all the good it didn’t do you.  Bye Jeb!
So now the “establishment” is supposedly in a panic.  The only ones left for the GOP are former governor John Kasich, Dr. Ben “Snooze” Carson, delinquent Senator Marco Rubio, the Canadian-born weasel-faced hypocrite Senator Ted Cruz... and the current leader, “The Ego” Donald Trump. 
Not a single “establishment” candidate left in the bunch!  Not one.
Carson is about as exciting as watching paint dry.  Kasich doesn’t have enough momentum from New Hampshire to keep up.  Cruz is so slimy and duplicitous that he can’t even be trusted to give the correct time of day even with an atomic clock displayed next to him.  And, of course, the party bosses and master-manipulators cannot control Trump, therefore they cannot trust Trump.
That leaves the “establishment” putting the rest of their eggs in the camp of Marco Rubio.  The boy-faced politician who can’t even bother to stay in the Senate to do his elected job even when he wasn’t running for President!
So... panic.
Well cry me a river, GOP bosses and master-manipulators, you sorry sacks of elephant dung, because let’s get brutally honest here... you pompous self-important self-righteous power pimps have nobody to blame for this situation but yourselves!
You were the ones that pandered to your so-called “base”. You were the ones that stoked their rage and their fury with phony birth certificates and manufactured scandals.  You riled them up, set up the “with-us-or-against-us” and “RINO” catchphrases, marginalized and hounded out all of the moderates and anyone that wasn’t signed-on with your precious political party.  And then you sold them out with brokered deals to keep the status quo going.  Lather, rinse, repeat.
And do you really think that you could keep this up forever without any kind of consequence?  You rile up a dog to be a killer, and you do it enough times, and that dog will strike out and kill without waiting for your permission.
That’s what you did, “GOP Establishment”.  You started it with Sarah Palin in 2008, and it has morphed into Donald Trump.  Happy?  This is all on you.  All of it.
So I’m tired of hearing about what “the GOP Establishment” will do if Trump gets the nomination.  You know what they will do.  They will hold their bile and shuffle their feet and then promote Trump for November.  Because at that point they will have no choice.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if they hope that he even loses, because their egos are about as monumental and as fragile as is “The Donald’s”.
But stop painting them as the poor helpless victims in this Farce.  They are the reasons why this is the 2016 Farce, and it is high time that they own it, and that they be bound to it like a heavy weight in the middle of the ocean.

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