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Ted Cruz #Cheat2Win
I’m going to start by admitting that my words and thoughts don’t carry much weight.  I’ve been at this (as of this column’s posting date) for almost twenty years now, and while there is the potential to have my words and thoughts reach billions of people around the world thanks to the Internet, I’m realistic enough to know that I’m only going to get a few dozen people at best.  My last name isn’t Kardashian or Jenner, I don’t have boobs, I don’t have my own reality TV cable show or a book deal or a syndicated talk radio show, and I certainly don’t have mad money.  That pretty much eliminates me from having the kind of popularity that would be needed to make this suggestion happen.
But one can still dream... and if it were possible, I would love to launch a new hashtag message for the 2016 Farce.
That message is...
Ted Cruz #Cheat2Win
Senator Ted Cruz claims to be a Christian.  His devout father certainly spreads the Gospel of Cruz at every opportunity.  Televangelists have even dubbed him the new “God’s Anointed Candidate”.  (Because that decree worked so well for Mike Huckabee, didn’t it?)
So let me ask you, Senator... would Jesus cheat?
I ask, sir, because some of your tactics in your quest to become President of the United States leaves one to wonder if you really are a Christian.
First there’s the little matter of the “scare” in the Iowa Caucus.
Voters in Iowa received a mailer with the huge red-lettered title “Voter Violation” on it, giving the impression that they were being threatened by the state government for not voting.  The mailer would list the registered voter along with a “score”, then followed by the “scores” of their neighbors.  It also threatens the voter with a “follow-up notice” after the caucus.
The Iowa Secretary of State, Paul Pate, had this to say:
“Accusing citizens of Iowa of a 'voting violation' based on Iowa Caucus participation, or lack thereof, is false representation of an official act. There is no such thing as an election violation related to frequency of voting. Any insinuation or statement to the contrary is wrong and I believe it is not in keeping in the spirit of the Iowa Caucuses.”
He also said that voters are not “graded” by his office, even though voting records of individual voters are considered public record and are accessible to political parties for their own uses.  Yeah, like that will encourage more people to vote!  Way to go Iowa!  Big Brother is Watching You Vote!
When asked about the blatant scare tactic, this is what the “Christian” Senator said:
“I will apologize to nobody for using every tool we can to encourage Iowa voters to come out to vote.”
Right!  Because that’s what Jesus did to get people to show up at his sermons... I don’t think so.
And, of course, Cruz won the Caucus, so that in-and-of-itself supposedly validates the tactic.
Ted Cruz #Cheat2Win
Then there’s the last-minute “rumor” about another presidential wannabe that the Cruz camp was circulating.
On the evening of the caucus itself, before Iowans were leaving to take part in the process they were intimidated into thanks to those “Voter Violation” mailers, they were getting robocalls from the Cruz camp saying that Dr. Ben Carson was quitting the race and that Carson’s voters should then vote for Cruz.  The Cruz camp claimed they were simply repeating what they heard on CNN, but at no point did the CNN reporters ever say Carson was dropping out.
Again, Cruz won the Caucus, and one has to wonder how many of those caucus voters would have voted for Carson if Cruz didn’t play his little game.
You know, I seem to recall there was a very important statement in the Old Testament about this.  A very, very, strong statement about bearing false witness against your neighbor.  It was part of a big package of really, really, strong statements that so-called “Christians” love to parade about and shove down our throats at every opportunity.  They’re called “Commandments”, and there are ten of them, and the bit about not bearing false witnesses is either number eight or nine, depending on the various derivation of Christianity.
Funny how a supposedly devout “Christian” would allow this kind of blatant violation of one of the Ten Commandments to go on in his name.  You would think that his equally devout “Christian” father would at least say something afterward condemning the tactic.  I’m sure if Cruz lost the Caucus that he and his father would be fighting over being the first ones to condemn the action and to beg forgiveness.
But, of course, Cruz did win the Iowa Caucus, so we get a few half-hearted mealy-mouthed apologies.
Ted Cruz #Cheat2Win
Let’s get brutally honest here... these two actions alone are reasons enough why Ted Cruz should not be elected President, never mind keep his seat in the Senate.  This is the same political party that impeached a sitting President of the United States for lying under oath.  The same party that is currently engaging in a witch-hunt-style investigation against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over emails and the tragedy in Benghazi.  And yet somehow it’s okay for someone in that same party to lie and bear false witness in the name of presidential campaigning?
And bear in mind I haven’t even brought up the idea that Cruz shouldn’t eligible to be President under Article II of the Constitution because he was born in Canada (from the same party that claimed that Barack Obama wasn’t eligible because he was born in the United States), or the fact that his wife worked for Goldman Sachs, one of the key architects of the Great Recession, and that he had to loans from them that he “forgot” to mention.  His mouthpieces and water-carriers have already whipped up a plethora of mealy-mouthed excuses for those things.
Ted Cruz #Cheat2Win
If it were possible, I would love to see that message be spread across the Internet like wildfire.  I would love to see that trending by the twits on Twitter and by the faceless “friends” on Facebook. 
Ted Cruz #Cheat2Win
I would love to have that hashtag associated with Cruz like a certain blue dress stain with Bill Clinton.  I would love to see people think Cruz and instantly associate that name with a cheater.  Someone who will do anything to get what he wants.  Someone who epitomizes the sociopathic anarchistic nature of today’s politics.  Because the statement in-and-of-itself says everything that needs to be said about the man.
Ted Cruz #Cheat2Win
Sadly, though, my last name isn’t Kardashian or Jenner.  I don’t have boobs.  I don’t have a reality TV show or a book deal or a syndicated talk radio show.  And I certainly don’t have mad money.  So I don’t have the people behind me to make that hashtag stick.
But one can dream that they can still make a difference for all the right reasons.

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