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Week of 02/15/2016

I Understand “The Bern”
So (as of this column’s posting date) we’re just two states into the actual primary and caucus phase of the 2016 Farce, and everyone in the air-fluffed ego-driven media is talking about “panic”.
“Panic” because the two GOP leaders are “The Ego”, Donald Trump, and the Canadian-born cheater, Senator Ted Cruz.  Cruz won the Iowa Caucus, and Trump won the New Hampshire Primary, and neither of them are supposedly “liked” by the party bosses.  They don’t know why these two are so popular... especially Trump.  Everything they do to supposedly “corral” Trump have failed.  They hoped that Trump would fizzle out after the actual people started voting, but so far that doesn’t look like it’s happening.  “The Ego” keeps on going.
Meanwhile over at the Democrat Party...
The “assumed nominee”, Hillary Clinton, wasn’t handed her nomination like she and the party bosses have expected.  She’s having to actually compete for those votes she assumed were hers by birthright.  And against someone that the whole world wrote off, no less!
Yes, for the first time in the history of politics, an old Jewish Democrat-by-party-only “independent” by the name of Bernie Sanders, a self-professed “democratic socialist”, actually won the New Hampshire Primary, and did so with an embarrassingly large margin.  Embarrassing, that is, for Clinton.  And he also came a microscopic second to Clinton in the Iowa Caucus, losing in some districts by a coin-toss.  (No, seriously, it was.)
But that’s not supposed to happen, is it?  No, it’s supposed to be Hillary Clinton’s confirmation tour.  She’s not supposed to actually work for those votes!  Those votes are supposed to be handed to her on a platinum platter by her BFF, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, along with the title “Heir of Obama”.
So now Clinton’s water-carriers in the media are having to bend over backwards to demonize Sanders and keep people from “feeling the Bern”.  Sound familiar?  It should.  She was having to do the same thing when a certain junior Senator from Illinois named Barack Obama came in and robbed her of her “destiny” in 2008.
Even worse, the people voting for Sanders are from the demographics that Clinton pompously believes were hers: young voters and women.
But... but... that’s not supposed to be!  They’re supposed to be hers!  All hers!
Actually they’re all supposed to be hers, but that’s for another article.
And now the air-fluffed ego-driven media are falling over themselves trying to “explain” or “understand” why this is going on.  Why are people supporting Trump and Sanders?  Why can’t they just go with the script?
And why is water wet and the sky blue and why politicians can’t tell the truth to save their own miserable skins?
Pay attention, hacks: much like Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men”, it’s my turn to say “you can’t handle the truth!”
Even though I’m not a Sanders supporter, I know “the Bern”.  I understand “the Bern”.  I know why people are flocking to it and why they want to support a geriatric Jewish “democratic socialist” instead of the modern-day Lady Macbeth.  Or, for that matter, why they would embrace an egomaniac like Trump.
Let’s get brutally honest here... Sanders and Trump are saying what the vast majority of Americans have been feeling.  They know that we’ve been getting screwed over by people in both dominant political parties.  Clinton’s husband signed the repeal of Glass-Segal, which paved the way to our economic ruin.  George W. Bush presided over the start of the Great Recession and the realization of that ruin.  Obama then whitewashed the ruin and declared the matter “over” while millions of American were and still are being systematically forsaken by that ruin.
Unemployment numbers don’t reflect the actual state of employment, and the Obama water-carriers damn well know that.  Millions of Americans didn’t drop off the rolls because they suddenly found work.  They were discarded like used toilet paper because their benefits ran out.  That’s why they are the Forsaken Americans.  And I know that for a fact because I was one of them!
And the rest of us have been struggling to keep from joining the ranks of the forsaken.  We’re the ones making the majority of the sacrifices, working harder and harder for less and less, but then we’re told that we have to be grateful for that and to kiss the butts of the same people who are making millions and billions off of our hard work.  And on top of that, we’re now living in fear again that we might be losing those jobs after all.
That’s something that neither party wants to bring up, because to do so would be to expose the fact that they have been doing the bidding of the very predators that have been fleecing the American people.
Oh, yes, it’s nice to have access to healthcare.  But the problem was never about healthcare.  It was about greedy Big Insurance companies and Big Pharma companies and greedy self-absorbed executives like Martin Shkreli getting fat and rich by gouging us to death.  It was about choosing between either paying for a still-high mortgage or paying the co-pay on eight different medical bills for one doctor’s visit and then hoping that the insurance company would cover the rest of it before it gets turned over to a collection agency.
And who wants to do something about that?  Sanders, to his credit, has been speaking out about it and wanting to actually do something to address it, even if people don’t like what that may be.  Clinton just wants you to be afraid of the big bad GOP.
George W. Bush bailed out the “Too Big to Fail” banks with our tax money.  Obama’s Attorney General kept the execs from going to prison.  And we’re getting nothing but screwjobs on top of screwjobs by them.  Again, Sanders has a history of speaking out against them and about wanting to break up the Big Banks.  Clinton?  Clinton gets speaking fees from them, and let’s not forget that her husband was the one signed the repeal of Glass-Segal.
The American People may make stupid decisions (as is demonstrated at each and every election cycle), but that doesn’t mean that they’re blind and deaf.  Just dumb.
So when you have someone like a Sanders or a Trump that comes along and says that they can do something about our collective misery, do you really think that we’re going to turn that down simply because Lady Macbeth or the GOP Clown Car think that it’s “their turn”?  If we did, then Madam Clinton would have been elected President in 2008 instead of Obama.
Of course I’m just some Internet commentator.  I’m just a guy who’s been watching this whole game get played ever since Clinton was First Lady instead of either “Senator Clinton” or “Secretary Clinton”.  All I can do is correctly answer the question that everyone has been asking but don’t really want to hear.  If you don’t want to “feel the Bern”, then maybe you should stop complaining about “feeling it” and do something that would actually make that “Bern” go away.

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