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Week of 11/10/2014

Dems Won’t Do The Right Thing, Which Is Why They Are Losers
Well the 2014 Mid-Term Elections are over with and, true to form, the politically-retarded voters once again failed to do their bit to bring about the change that they claim they want.  They once again surrendered to the old scam that says that if one dominant political party just had a little more power in government over the other dominant political party that things would “get better”.
It sort of reminds me of the story of two strippers that would try to vie for the attentions of a sad and lonely repeat customer, each of them seducing him and promising him the time of his life if only he would spend all his money on one of them.  Of course the “time of his life” was just a figure of speech.  They would never give him what he truly needed or wanted, no matter how much money he had to spend on them.  It’s an even sadder and pathetic tale for me because I used to be that customer.
So now the voters – both those that bothered to vote and those that were too retarded to even bother voting but still “voted” by their absence – have made their choices and we all will have to live with their choices and I will remind them that they are to blame for their choices and the future misery and frustrations that will follow from their choices.
But that doesn’t mean that the players themselves in this continual con-game are completely blameless.  It’s one thing to give it your best and fail.  It is another thing entirely to be simply the “fallback choice”, which is what the Democrats have become.
Let’s get brutally honest here… the Democratic Party, the so-called “Party of Jefferson”, has become a sad and pathetic shell of a political party that serves as the perpetual “fallback choice” when the GOP becomes too arrogant, too incompetent, too corrupt, and/or too fascistic.  And it really doesn’t take much for the GOP to be either of those.
Sure, the Dems have their special interest groups, and that’s apparently just enough to keep themselves relevant and hold on to some modicum of political power.  But that’s like calling yogurt a three-course meal.  All the other times, they’re just waiting for the GOP to screw up, or to have some kind of charismatic leader step up for them to follow.  It’s no wonder why they’ve been losing over and over again!
I’ve often referred to the two parties as a duopoly, but really what we have is one dominant fascistic party with an enabling co-dependent “alternative” whose only purpose in this universe now is to simply keep the seats of power warm for the GOP when they get off their fascism high.  That is what we really have in the United States.
So how do you change that?
Obviously the first way to change that would be to replace the Dems with a new party.  But that would require the voting masses to stop choosing to be retards and actually vote for the change that they want, and that’s not likely to ever happen.
So if the Democrats want to stop being losers, if they want to stop the slow bleed of their own credibility, then they have to take some concrete steps on their own to change things.
Let’s start with a very dramatic acknowledgement that they need to fix things with the resignations of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and soon-to-be-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid from their respective failed leadership positions in Congress.  They don’t have to leave Congress, but they certainly should step down from their so-called “leadership” positions.  These two joined President Obama as the poster children of Washington failure as painted by the GOP and Fox News and talk radio, and they need to accept responsibility for their part in the failure.
There’s good precedence for this: back in 1998, it was House Speaker Newt Gingrich that accepted responsibility for the GOP’s failure to cement their dominance in the Congress and stepped down.  Of course there were some other factors that were in play behind-the-scenes, but just the act of Gingrich stepping down was a public sign that the party hierarchy was aware of their failure and wanted things to change.
That is precisely what the Democrats need to do if they want to survive and not just be a perpetual failure machine waiting for the GOP to screw up just so they can get a nudge ahead.  Pelosi and Reid need to step down and let others take over their minority status and take the burdens.  They can keep their cushy overrated election positions with their undeserving lifetime pensions; they just need to stop being the poster models for perpetual stagnant failure.
Of course, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  Pelosi and Reid refuse to admit they did anything wrong, never mind recognize that they’ve been scripted by Fox News and talk radio to be part of the “Trio of Evil” along with Obama.  Pelosi didn’t acknowledge her own failure when she lost control of the House in 2010, she hasn’t admitted to any kind of failing since then, and I don’t see her doing anything different in the near future.  And Reid only seems to care about his own cushy seniority, so as long as he can count on his loyal group of political retards to keep him in office, I also don’t see him doing anything different now that he’s going from Majority to Minority Leader.
This is why the Democratic Party will continue to be the party of losers.  They don’t look at the big picture when it comes to voter dissatisfaction.  They’re only focusing on their own special interest groups and their own elected positions and expecting the GOP to self-destruct so they won’t have to put up anything that shows they care about what’s going on in the country.  The GOP plans and agendas may suck and they may be destructive in the long-run, but they’ve managed to convince the politically retarded that they’re the only ones with a plan, and the Dems have not done anything to change that opinion.
But, then again, this is what you, the great self-retarded voting masses, voted for this past election, isn’t it?

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Anonymous said...

Um...I'm having a lot of trouble telling the Dems and Repubs apart. Obama has been a massive disappointment. He is just as mired in corporate money as the Repubs.

An argument can be made that Obama is worse that Bush II. He is drone bombing far more than Bush II ever dreamed of. He not only kept Guantanamo open, but is allowing torture there (forced feedings). He has allowed massive spying on US citizens and has gone after more whistle blowers than all previous presidents combined. He will probably approve the Keystone XL pipeline. He has been pretty bad on women's issues (opposing FDA recommendation on morning after pill, caving on the Hyde Amendment, being generally clueless).

I used to be a lifelong Democrat, but, no more. If my vote is not going to count anyway, then I might as well vote in a way more in alignment with my views. Last Tuesday, after reading the party platforms of as many third parties as I could find, I chose the one that best fit my views. Amazingly enough, that was the Socialist Party.

Maybe the problem with US voters is that they rely on US corporate run news outlets and are thus incredibly uninformed. Maybe they should try the BBC, Al Jazeera, Democracy Now, Acronym TV, RD Wolff, Redacted Tonight (to keep things light) and other independent internet news sources.

Face it until we get the money out of our political system, our votes simply won't count. Support Move to Amend.