Monday, October 8, 2018

Week of 10/08/2018

Meanwhile In Our World...
As this commentator had sadly and disgustedly predicted, Brett Kavanagh is now a member of the United States Supreme Court.  As equally predicted, this was a close vote along purely partisan lines.
The Trump Cult have created this delusional fantasy world that they have propped up that says that Kavanaugh was some virginal innocent that was victimized by cruel, cruel lies told by vindictive, evil liberal women propped up by George Soros as some sort of revenge for his part in the impeachment of President Clinton twenty years ago.  They demand proof that they know could not exist from the 1980’s, and demand to know why his accusers have been silent for so long.
This appalling gang of ignorant, arrogant, self-righteous, know-absolutely-nothings that have disgraced their species refuse to accept the reason why someone like Christine Blasey-Ford would keep silent for thirty-plus years and did not want to come forward quickly or openly and was finally compelled to.  Nor would they want to accept the reality even if it jumped them from behind and pinned them to a bed and covered their mouths like it had happened with her.
So for those of you who were not even alive back in those years, I’ll tell you the truth.
The truth is that in the 1980’s, when you had a teenage girl-slash-young woman who was assaulted and the alleged perpetrators were not some strangers in a dark alleyway, and she dared speak of it to anyone in authority, be it a police officer, a teacher, a guidance counselor, or even a parent, she was told by that person in authority to shut up and let it go.  Her every action and even what she wore would be called into suspect.  Because that person in authority was more concerned about the elite prep school boys and their rich parents and their high-priced attorneys and the supposed “reputation” of said elite institution than in the word of a young girl who, in their minds, was “probably at fault” or blew things “out of proportion”. 
Yes, in the time when “greed is good” was the mantra and the public policy, that was the harsh truth when it came to young women versus predators in rich stuffy institutions.  It was always their “reputation” and their “image” over her word.  That is how it was in the real world.  Hell, we’re seeing that even today.
But I don’t suppose that the sociopaths that occupy the United States Senate and the House of Representatives would understand that.  After all, many of them came from those rich stuffy institutions.  They’ve had the luxury of living in delusions of their own creation where they can do no wrong and any accusation made against them are lies.
Meanwhile in our world… employers are currently going through the social media of their prospective employees looking for past photos of them drunk or drugged or naked and judging them for what they may have done years before.  A whole cottage industry has been created to supposedly “clean up” bad reviews or improper images of their clients.  Because people have found out that if they’re looking for work, their potential employers can deny them even the most mundane of positions because of something they did a long time ago.  There is no “presumption of innocence” in the private sector.  There is no “boys will be boys” or “girls will be girls” or “I was young and stupid”. You’re just guilty and damned.
Guilty and damned.
But… we’re not supposed to judge stuffy rich elitist conservatives for the things they may have done when they were young.  No, they’re put on pedestals, and daring to “besmirch their honor” is a crime worthy of death threats.
Meanwhile in our world… Hollywood executives and actors and comedians are out of work for their past predatory behavior.  Al Franken was hounded out of the Senate for something he did in the past.  Off-color jokes and bad comments are plaguing men.  And there’s no allowing for any of these people to “return”.  They are forever stained and forever barred from earning a living anymore.  If they dare show up someplace, they’re hounded back into hiding.
But... we’re not supposed to go after stuffy rich elitist conservatives for things they’ve said in the past.  And doubly-so for the current President of the United States.  You know, the one that bragged about grabbing women by their genitals and was still given a pass.
Let’s get brutally honest here... I’m making these points after-the-fact because they need to be exposed.  We are living in a double-standard sustained by arrogance, ignorance, and self-righteousness.  The perpetrators of this double standard know better, or at the very least they should.  The fact that they are holding themselves and their brethren to that double standard not only perpetrates the very injustices being committed to the rest of us, but it further divides the supposed “United” States into tribalistic extremes.
The damage has already been done with Brett Kavanaugh.  We can either hold the next Brett Kavanaugh to the same standards the rest of us have to be held to, or we all can be held to his.  Take your pick.

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