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Week of 05/08/2017

Go Away, Hillary
I have a very strong request to the supporters of the former Senator, former Secretary of State, former First Lady, and two-time Presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton.  I make this on behalf of myself but I strongly suspect that I am not the only one thinking it.
Please give her this message...
Shut up and just leave!
I am tired of listening to how she was “supposed” to win the 2016 Farce.  I am tired of listening to all of the so-called “experts” try to rationalize how she could have lost to the orange-skinned-wacky-man, Donald Trump.  I am tired of hearing about FBI Director James Comey supposedly agonizing like Jesus in Gethsemane over whether or not he should have said what he did about those hacked emails and whether or not he should have spoken up about the possible Russia connection to Trump before the election and whether or not any of it would have had an impact.  I am tired of hearing about how she “should” have campaigned in certain places when she didn’t.  I am tired of hearing about whether or not Bill Clinton was Hillary’s liability.
And I am really tired of hearing Hillary and her acolytes trying to explain how she lost without accepting the inevitable fact that she was the wrong candidate and that she tried to shove herself down our gullets and that we would not buy it.
I get it.  Hillary’s ego is not at the point to where she can admit she was just the wrong person running against a narcissist.  She does not have enough humility to admit that she was wrong, and, in all honesty, she may never get there.  Way too many people in this country have an ego that is resilient to reality.  I understand that.
So stop kvetching over your greatest failure and just leave!
Remember the 2000 Fiasco?  When Al Gore realized that he was not the winner, did he stick around still trying to figure out about what he did wrong?  No!  He admitted defeat and then disappeared for a little while until he could find another cause to champion... which just happened to be global warming.  He didn’t pop his head up after six months and say “you know, maybe if I did this differently in Florida, I might have won.”
Remember the 2004 Failure?  When perpetual loser John Kerry realized that he got his ass kicked, did he come back after a few months and agonized over just how he could have lost so badly?  No.  He accepted defeat, and he shut the hell up and laid low until he was asked to be Secretary of State.
And now, Hillary, it’s your turn.
It’s time for you to shut the hell up and go the hell away.
You see, the longer you stay around and whine about how you lost without admitting the real reason why, you continue to bring up an election that is over with.  How can your supporters move on and deal with the next four years of Trump and his nationalistic cult when you refuse to move past the election that you lost?
It’s bad enough that we have a current president that is fixated on winning that election and continually drills in the Orwellian delusion that he somehow won by an ever-increasing fictional margin and fascistically wants everyone to admit that he won as if that automatically validates everything that he does.  But that’s Trump and that is what a narcissist with power does.
Worse yet, Hillary, with you still around and still kvetching about your loss, you are actually playing right into Trump’s mind-game.  You, Hillary Clinton, are reinforcing Donald Trump’s number one favorite story: that the American people chose him over you.
Stop helping him, Hillary.  Stop helping Trump.  Just shut up and go away.
I can understand if this was still December or January, with the pain of losing still fresh and stinging.  But we are (as of this column’s posting date) at the start of May 2017.  Six months after the Farce.  Six months!  Trump has been in office for almost five months now.  There is no do-over.  There will never be a do-over.  You lost, Hillary.  You failed in fulfilling your personal “destiny”.  You lost.  Accept it.  Deal with it.  Shut up and leave.
Worse yet is the statement Hillary made about being with “the resistance” against Trump.  I'm now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance she said on May 2nd.
Not only “no”, but “hell no”, “aw hell no”, “abso-fornicating-loutely no”, and “what goddamned part of ‘no’ do you not goddamn understand, lady?”
This is like Neville Chamberlain buddying up with Winston Churchill during the Blitz and publicly saying “I’ve been with you the whole time.”
Let’s get brutally honest here… if there is any organization to “the resistance” against Trump, they should make it quite clear that Hillary Clinton’s “assistance” is not needed and certainly not welcomed and that she needs to simply shut up and leave.
Because now that Hillary has said it, she has put *her* face on the resistance.  It’s no longer the American people against Trump and his nationalistic cult.  It’s now “Hillary” against Trump and his cult.  Any legitimate outrage against Trump and his gang of red-hat thugs in their attempts to destroy everything America stands for will now be dismissed as “Hillary being a sore loser”.  It will just be about “politics” instead of what it truly right for America.
And it’s not the first time that she’s done this either!
Remember the brief recount effort just after Election Day?  Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with it whatsoever!  That was all the efforts of Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party.  Even though Dr. Stein had nothing to gain from the recount effort herself, she wanted those recounts done just so there would be no question as to who won in those states where the results were close.  But as soon as it started to gain momentum and the recounts started in earnest, Hillary decided to put *her* name to the effort, and then, right after she did that, it all fell apart.  Because it wasn’t about erasing doubt anymore.  It was about Hillary.  Always Hillary.
You are a pox to the cause, Mrs. Clinton, and you need to shut up and leave!
And it’s not like you’re going to go broke anytime soon. You still have your book royalties and your overpaid speaking deals and your generous taxpayer-funded golden parachutes from being a United States Senator and Secretary of State.  You still have your supporters.  And you sure as hell will not be forgotten, especially by the people who did not support you.
But it is high time for you, Hillary Clinton, to leave.  Do not be part of “the resistance”.  Do not try to kick-start an early 2020 campaign or even tease of one.  The election is long over with.  You lost.  Let Trump continue to bury himself in his narcissistic delusions of grandeur.  He needs absolutely no help from you whatsoever in doing it.
And the same goes for your supporters like Bill Maher.  This past weekend on his HBO show he was busy whining like a Trump about how “some liberal purists” couldn’t vote for Hillary and now Trump is President and it is all “their fault”!
No, Bill Maher, it’s Hillary’s fault that she lost.  She was a bad candidate and she knew it and she got caught manipulating the game to try to force people to accept her and she instead chased them away.  It’s the fault of the Democratic hierarchy that was so corrupted that they went along with the manipulation and got caught doing it and then still forced people to play Hillary’s game.  And it is the fault of people like you, Bill Maher, who sold out your soul and your principles and everything you used to stand for like a cheap prostitute in order to back a bad candidate with a non-existing plan and a zero-sum extremist argument.  So, much like Hillary, *you*, Bill Maher, are the reason why Trump is president.
And I know that your old self with principles would have recognized it, but I guess you’ve smoked too much of your “medical marijuana” now to accept the truth.  So while I would otherwise side with you on certain issues, on this one I have to say screw you and die, Bill Maher.  Screw.  You.  And.  Die.
This, above any other reason, is why Hillary needs to shup up and leave.  Because as long as she is still around, she and her friends like Bill Maher are sabotaging the very “resistance” that they claim to support, further driving away the very people that they need to stand up to Trump and to his red-hat cult of fascistic thugs.
Real and legitimate resistance movements are never about one person.  They are about people, plural, standing up for what is right.  The American Revolution, the French Revolution, and even the very first Russian Revolution in 1917 were not about one person. The Civil Rights movement did not start with or end with one person.  For any kind of legitimate resistance to be able to overcome the Cult of Trump, it needs to be about people, plural, and not just one person.  Hillary Clinton jeopardizes that by latching her name once again to a cause that was never really hers to claim.
That is why someone needs to let Mrs. Clinton know that if she really wants to help with any kind of resistance to Trump and his red-hat thugs, she needs to only do two things and nothing more:
Shut up and just leave.

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