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Trump Is Both Right And Wrong About “The Fix”
I know it’s been said over and over, especially by me, but it needs to be repeated...
Donald Trump is a narcissist.
Some people might call it a character flaw; others would say that it is character itself.  I’m sure Trump and his acolytes and myrmidons and propagandists would say that it is what makes him the “success story” that claims to be.
Having a narcissistic personality is not a crime, and it sure as hell isn’t a disqualifying condition in and of itself.
But it does bear repeating because we need to remember that someone with a narcissistic personality is not like most of us when it comes to certain things.  People with narcissistic personalities will refuse to recognize their own faults or failures.
In the “Ultimate Edition” of the superhero movie “Batman v. Superman – Dawn of Justice”, the two titular heroes manage to put aside their differences and confront the villain of the movie: Lex Luthor.  When Superman says “You’ve lost”, Luthor says in response “I don’t know how to lose.”  When Superman replies with “You’ll learn”, Luthor scoffs at the idea.  “Ha!  I’ll learn.  I don’t hate the sinner; I hate the sin.  And yours, my friend, is existing.”
Narcissists cannot tolerate losers.  They don’t like being seen as a loser, and they sure as hell refuse to acknowledge any kind of loss if it makes them look bad.  They believe themselves to be perfect and always in the right, never in the wrong.
So the latest “issue” of the 2016 Farce is whether or not Donald Trump would “accept” the results of the November election should he lose.  They continually demand that Trump acknowledge – should he lose – the results of the election.
Of course, Trump says that he will acknowledge the results if he wins.  That’s really not narcissism; that’s just human ego. 
But even before this issue came up, Trump has been whining about how the whole process is “rigged”.
“It’s being rigged, I tell you.  The whole thing: the media, the pollsters, the whole election system is rigged in favor of Crooked Hillary Clinton.  The fix is in, my friends.  The fix is in.”
And this is nothing new either.  All this past year, Trump has been whining like a spoiled rotten ten-year-old that the whole thing is rigged against him; that he has never been “treated fairly”.  If he loses a primary or a caucus, it’s always because the process is “rigged”, or that the winning candidate “cheated”.  If a debate moderator asked a question he didn’t like, he’d attack that moderator mercilessly.  Just ask Megyn Kelly of the already-biased Fox News.
So why should anyone ever expect The Narcissist to suddenly change his mind just weeks before the Presidential Election and miraculously admit defeat should he lose?  That is simply not in his nature.
And I really do not expect his myrmidons and lemmings and propagandists to be any different either.  These people have been conditioned into a cult mindset to follow Trump to the literal end of the planet.  If he refuses to acknowledge the results of the election should he lose, what makes you think that his cult followers will be any different?
But hidden amidst his biases, delusions, and paranoias of a “rigged system”, there is a kernel of truth about the election system being “rigged”.  Unfortunately for him, it makes him look more like a predator than victim.
Did you know that there were even two other parties with candidates on the ballot in most-of-if-not-all fifty states?  I’m guessing some of you didn’t, except maybe as an afterthought, or as part of some attack piece done by the mainstream media at the whim of their biased “political experts”.
You sure as hell didn’t see the third-party candidates in any of the presidential debates, and that was by design.
The so-called “Commission on Presidential Debates” is comprised of former party bosses for the RNC and DNC.  They are about as “independent” as Kermit the Frog is to his puppeteer’s hand.  They get to determine who is “allowed” to take part in the televised debates, and you can guess which two candidates automatically get buys-in.  As for the others, well, they set an arbitrary standard that any other challenger needs to meet in order to be “allowed” in.  This year, the bar is rating 15% in certain specific polls during certain specific times.
Funny thing, though… before that standard was set, Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson was ranking high in several polls.  He was a strong contender in a few polls, even able to match or overcome either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  But then, once those standards were set, his numbers miraculously dropped.
And it really doesn’t matter what number the rigged biased “Commission” gives, those select polls will not allow any candidate outside of the RNC and DNC to meet or exceed it.  It could be 10%, and all “outsider” candidates would get maybe 9%.  It could be 1%, and those “outsider” candidates will pull, at best, 0.99999999999%.
Of course if it was really fair, then all the candidates that are on the ballot in most or all of the states would be “allowed” into the debates.  But then that would allow third-party candidates, and they could run the risk of upsetting the two most despised candidates in recent history.
So you want to talk about a “rigged system”, Donald Trump?  You’re not the one having to fight to get into the debates!
Speaking of getting “in”, how would you like to be the one trying to fight just to get on the ballot in all fifty states?  That’s what Gary Johnson and Jill Stein have been doing for the Libertarian and Green Parties and they’re having to go up against the two major parties and their proclamations that only their parties would be allowed in “their” states.  How would you like to leap through their hurdles just to get on the ballot while still campaigning for votes?
By the way, this is what you would have to face if you did decide to “go third party” like you threatened to do prior to the GOP convention, back when you claimed you weren’t being “treated fairly”.  Still think the game is rigged against you?
Let’s get brutally honest here… this whole 2016 Farce is rigged, and it has been rigged by design to favor the two dominant political parties that have long lost any semblance of honor or decency in America.  Both dominant parties created the conditions where the two prevailing candidates are also two of the most despised candidates in human history, and the only way they can continue this farce on the American public is to keep any clear alternatives away.
And I haven’t even brought up the Electoral College system, which many people say should be abolished because it gives power to a few “battleground states” at the expense of all the other states.  But I’m not in that category myself, because I know why the system was set up in the first place.  It’s not perfect, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be tweaked to properly balance popular vote versus states’ rights.
Listen, in the grand scheme of things, it’s really irrelevant whether Donald Trump “decides” to accept the outcome of the election, no matter who wins.  If he is the winner, then you know he’ll accept it; and if he is the loser, it won’t matter because the country will not instantly collapse just because some stuck-up #WhinyLittleBitch decides he doesn’t “accept” it.
What we should be more concerned with are Trump’s allies, myrmidons, sycophants, and propagandists and whether or not they will accept the outcome of the election.  These are people that have shown at least in social media to have adopted a “scorched earth” cultist mindset with this current candidate.  I shudder to think what they might be willing to do should their party be denied the White House for a third straight time.  One spoiled narcissist with a tantrum is one thing... millions of followers of that same narcissist, however, is the stuff of insurrections and coups.  I can only hope they do not also reflect their leader’s handicap.

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