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Week of 10/10/2016

Anti-Protesters Are The Real Anti-Americans
There’s a memorable scene in the 1992 Al Pacino movie “Scent of a Woman” when Pacino’s character, a blind veteran, is speaking on behalf of a young college student who agreed to “babysit” him.  The young man was facing expulsion for not telling officials what he knew about a prank that he was not involved in.  Pacino’s character, seeing this injustice happen, steps up and blasts the “integrity” of the college and then gives his legendary quote “If I were the man I was five years ago, I'd take a flamethrower to this place!”
That’s where I am today when it comes to these so-called “’Muricans” that infest talk radio like an STD.
There’s a part of me that wants to run up to each and every one of these so-called “’Muricans” and give them the fight that they are seemingly spoiling for.  And if I was half the age I am now, I might’ve given it a good try.  But I’ll be turning fifty in November, and I sure as hell wouldn’t last against more than just a handful of these “’Muricans”, never mind the seemingly thousands that infest the local talk radio listening audience.
Granted, that’s not what I really want to do, but these “’Muricans” keep on carrying themselves like they’re wanting to have someone kick their sorry asses all the way back into their mother’s womb.
And all in the name of a perverted cultish extremist sense of patriotism.
The issue here is the surge of protests at public assemblies anytime the American Anthem is played.  Colin Kaepernick was the first to start this trend, refusing to stand for the American Anthem in protest to what he considers rampant police abuse and social inequality.  He started it, and then others followed suit.
And that has the so-called “’Muricans” in an uproar.  They hate Kaepernick with a passion normally reserved for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.  They hate him and they hate anyone like him.  Anyone who supports him.  Anyone who agrees with him.  And, most importantly, anyone who follows his example.
You hear this out-and-out hate on talk radio, especially here in the Atlanta area.  They don’t just want him to stand for the American Anthem like everyone else.  They want him to suffer.  They want him off the San Francisco 49ers, out of the National Football League, out of football in general, and out of the United States of America.
And if you think the no-talent overpaid jingoistic hacks on talk radio are bad, you should hear their listening audience.  Those inbred half-wit goobers have a sadistic streak in them that should sicken any real American.  And many of them claim to be veterans, which they use as their justification.  “I served!  That means you need to worship the ground I walk on and give me endless praise!”
So much for honor and dignity in our military!  They’re supposed to be making people into better citizens, not turning them into jackbooted B-movie dictators in search of a third-world junta to run.  Here’s a hint, Private Pyle: you’re not defending America when you do that!  You’re crapping all over it!
Oh, but we’re not supposed to question their stances!  Oh, no, they are the loudest to claim that they “respect” Kaepernick’s right to protest.  They might even say that they will fight for and defend Kaepernick’s right to do what he is doing.  They just don’t think he should be exercising that right.
And that is what I have to call them out on.  That’s where we have a problem.
These ‘Muricans claim to be patriots.  They claim to love America.  They claim to love it so much that they cannot stand anyone not expressing their sense of patriotism.  They cannot tolerate anyone… any-single-one… that does not march in lockstep with their arrogant self-serving sentiments.
Except that you cannot force someone to be patriotic any more than you can force them to believe what you believe.  And we know who pulls that sort of stuff don’t we?  Yeah, those very “radical Islamic extremists” that you so love to hate!
You see, you cannot force someone to have a sense of patriotism.  You can only force them to go through the motions, which makes it an empty gesture.  Worthless.  Pointless.  Hollow.  You want America and freedom to mean something?  Or do you just want empty pretenses to satisfy your equally shallow ego?
Let’s get brutally honest here… if you “’Muricans” truly respect someone’s right to protest, and that right is not interfering with you or with the game, then you let them protest and get it out of their system!  That is truly how you respect that right!  You don’t demand that person’s expulsion from sports or from making a living, and especially not from this nation that you claim to love so much!  That’s not what real Americans who love freedom do!
Oh, and before you chime in with “Kaepernick’s right only deals with the government, the NFL is a private business”, ask yourself this question: who really owns those stadiums?  If the 49ers pack up and move to Nevada tomorrow, do they take the stadium with them?  No, because that’s not their stadium.  That is paid for by the taxpayers.  That makes it a public forum.  That makes it a government-run facility.  That means that the Constitutional protections that you pretend to “respect” apply.
And I need to point this out: did it ever occur to you that all of your phony jingoistic dictatorial extremist rage is actually encouraging more and more people to follow Kaepernick’s lead?  The more noise you make about it, the more attention the media pays to it, and the more often they’ll point out other instances of people doing the same thing, because they know that you and your jackbooted tin-plated flag-waivers-and-flag-crappers will be talking about it tomorrow.  And the more you spin those jihadist fantasies of yours on talk radio to purify America of those you deem “unworthy”, the more others will see what you’re doing and will stage their own protests to stand up against you and your kind.  Because now you’re not the champion of freedom; you are the antithesis of it.
You want all of that to end?  Then you sit the hell down, you shut the hell up, and you let the whole thing die down!  When there’s no more attention, the whole matter will just go away.
You may hate the protest and certainly hate the protester, but if the only right you “respect” is the right that fits your personal bias, then you truly have no respect for that right at all!  You claim to be a “real American”?  Then stop acting like the very enemy that you claim to hate and start living up to that distinction that you claim to be so “exceptional”!

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