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Silly TheoCons, Tricks Are For Kids
I sometimes wonder what people are thinking when they find out that they’re on the wrong side of history.  Is there some point when they know that they screwed up?  That what they are thinking, what they have been brought up to think, was wrong?
I know people here in the South – to this day – refuse to acknowledge that they were on the wrong side of history on a lot of things.  They refuse to acknowledge that they were on the wrong side of history when it came to slavery.  They refuse to acknowledge that they lost the Civil War.  They refer to it as the “War of Northern Aggression”.  They refuse to acknowledge that they were on the wrong side of history when it came to the Civil Rights struggle of the 50’s and 60’s.
Outlaw slavery, and what happened?  Jim Crow laws were created.  The Klu Klux Klan got started.  Riots and lynchings and bombings and out-and-out murder went on.  We’re talking about acts of terror that mirrored those being committed by Islamic extremists around the world today.
And we’re not talking about just a handful of “lone extremists” and “nut-job wackos”.  We’re talking ministers and businesspeople, mayors, police chiefs, and even governors.  All of them firmly believing with every fiber of their being that they were right.  Hell, that they were consecrated by God that they were in the right!  That history and “heritage” and God-almighty were all on their side!
In the 1920’s, the KKK was so large that they actually had a march on Washington DC.  They had a movie made in 1915 called “Birth of a Nation” that painted themselves as “modern-day” crusaders.  And that was back when making movies – never mind releasing them – was a major production in and of itself.
You can’t just turn that off and say “all is forgiven”.  We are talking about generations of institutionalized bigotry and discrimination that had to be challenged.  And every step forward, every obstacle that was overcome, resulted in still more obstacles put up.  “We can’t kill ‘em, but we can prohibit them from voting.  We can’t stop them from voting, but we can stop them from doing business with us.  We can’t stop them from doing business with us, but we can zone them away from our neighborhoods.  We can’t zone them away, but we can keep their kids from going to school with our kids.  We can’t keep their kids from going to school with our kids, but...”
And on and on and on.  Every time it gets smaller and smaller, but every time it’s an effort for them to try to impose their self-righteous superiority over others.  A superiority that they believe was handed to them by God.
And I have to wonder, will any of them ever admit that they were in the wrong?  Or would it have to be their descendants that make that proclamation? 
That brings us to today, and the latest efforts by self-righteous people that fail to accept that they are on the wrong side of history.  Only this time it’s not about race or color.  It’s about sexual orientation and their own supposed “religious freedom”.
Gay rights are the Civil Rights struggle for the 21st Century.  The same factions, the same self-righteous minds that used to marginalize and dehumanize people of different colors and different faiths are fighting tooth-and-nail to maintain their dominance in society when it comes to sexual orientation.
And let’s get brutally honest here... this is what the whole issue is really about.  It’s not about “religious freedom”.  “Religious freedom” is simply the buzzword they have latched on to conceal their real goal.  This is about dominionism, plain and simple.  Their dominionism over all of us, no matter the color, creed, belief, or orientation.  
This is about the bible-thumpers of America being able to maintain their dominance into society.  They couldn’t continue to outlaw same-sex activity.  They couldn’t prohibit the LGBT community from coming out of the shadows, starting businesses, moving into their neighborhoods, or raising children and having those children co-mingle with their children.  And their last great pillar of their dominance, the institution of marriage, is falling state-by-state and court-by-court.
The only thing left for the self-righteous is their dissatisfaction.  They are seeking a license to discriminate, to be able to say with impunity and disgust “we don’t cater to your kind!” 
That’s what they said to people of different color a century ago.  It’s what they said to people of different faith even longer than that.  “We don’t cater to your kind!”
Only they really can’t say that to people of different color or different faith today.
And that really sums up their true intent with these so-called “religious liberty” laws. Stripped down of all the pretense and legalese, it is their ability to say with impunity and disgust “we don’t cater to your kind!”
It’s not about liberty.  It’s about license.  It’s about being able to discriminate without consequence.  To be able to put their beliefs above others.
And, make no mistake, this has already been put in play!  A church has actually invoked the “freedom of religion” to defend itself against any consequences in their ongoing problem with pedophile priests.  They say “We can’t be held to the judgement of your courts because of the First Amendment”.
What makes this subject even more disgusting is how the conservatives and neo-conservatives and especially the theo-conservatives have been reacting to the backlash to their efforts to sneak in these “religious liberty” laws.  They’re throwing temper tantrums, stomping their feet and screaming like little children that “Christians are under attack” if they don’t get their way.
Yeah, maybe if you were in Kenya or Egypt or Iraq you could say that.  Maybe if you were actually being hunted down by Islamic extremists simply for being Christian, your claim of “persecution” would be valid.
But you’re not in any of those places.  You’re in America; where you’ve been able to rejoice in your self-imposed dominance over society for so long that you’ve become the modern-day hypocritical Pharisees mentioned in the New Testament. 
And you just got caught trying to cement your hypocrisy.  Get that cross out of your butt and accept the fact that you are on the wrong side of history yet again.

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