Monday, November 30, 2009

Week of 11/30/2009

Draft WHO?
- by David Matthews 2

One of the really, REALLY, annoying things about politics of late is this perpetual drive to finish one campaign and begin work on the NEXT campaign, even if it is several years away.

After the 2006 Mid-term Election, the political machines were busy churning up candidates for the 2008 Election, and you had “destiny” candidates spinning up the hype that this would be THEIR campaign to lose.

Worse yet is when you have people who decide to “draft” a candidate into the running, especially someone you would think would be “perfect” but for one reason or another has decided to NOT run. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell was once considered a “draft” candidate back in the 2000 election, but he backed down.

Well it seems there is a NEW movement to “draft” someone for the 2012 Election, even though it’s not for another three years and even though nobody has actually DECLARED their candidacy yet.

So who would it be, you ask? Maybe someone wanted to give Secretary Powell another shot? Well, probably not in the current climate of the GOP. Powell may be willing to be the scapegoat for the Bush Imperium and the chickenhawk neo-cons, but they sure as hell wouldn’t want him anywhere NEAR a position of power over them.

How about one of the trained parrots of talk radio? Maybe the “godfather” of the GOP, Rush “Oxy” Limbaugh? Or perhaps Glenn “Blood Shooting From My Eyes” Beck? Or Lou “Ignore The Duck Season Sign” Dobbs? He’s certainly looking for employment now that he found himself separated from CNN.

Nope. Those aren’t the names being bantered about. The name being bantered about is CHENEY.

Liz Cheney, you ask? You know, the neo-con attack dog who has been doing everything possible to attack the current Democrat control of Washington?

No, wrong Cheney.

Think DICK!

Yes, DICK Cheney! As in the former Vice-President DICK Cheney. The senile old fart who thinks that the office of the Vice-President is accountable to NOBODY at all! The Wal-Mart Greeter-From-Hell whose favorite rebuttal is a request to do something that you are biologically not capable of doing.

There are people who are SERIOUSLY trying to get the former VP to run for the White House in 2012 (presuming they’re not convicted for trying to launch a coup d’etat first).

Why DICK, you wonder? Because he supposedly embodies everything about the GOP that they’re looking for.

And if you think about it… they have a point. He’s a senile old fart who shoots first and manipulates his victims into blaming themselves. He’s never served in the military but he thinks that he knows more about the soldiers on the ground than the soldiers themselves. He believes that he is immune from responsibility. He keeps everything secret, even his whereabouts, but still wants to know what EVERYONE ELSE is doing. If you really think about it… HE IS the GOP!

But, seriously… WHY?

First of all, remember the last time the cons and neo-cons actually managed to “draft” a candidate into the running? Remember former Senator Fred Thompson? You know, “Law and Order” and “Hunt for Red October” Fred Thompson? Remember how you guys thought he would be the IDEAL candidate in 2008? Yeah, that didn’t go so well, did it? His campaign folded faster than a Flat Tax proposal.

Second… doesn’t that come as a slam on your CURRENT so-called “front-runner” candidates? You know, folks like Sarah “Quitter” Palin, Mike “God’s Anointed” Huckabee, and Mitt “I’m really one of you” Romney. Don’t you think that bringing Grandpa Grumpy back from the old folk’s home is something of an INSULT for the wannabes, also-rans, and never-coulds already looking for that 2012 ticket? It would be one thing if Cheney ran in 2008. Then at least he could be seen as the heir apparent to the Bush Imperium. But not now. Not after taking a break.

Third… let’s get brutally honest here… it is WAY TOO EARLY to be discussing 2012 contenders right now.

The last campaign season was a drag on all of us, and that only lasted TWO years. TWO years full of demagoguery and hateful rhetoric and talks of assassinations and lynching and people getting all uppity because they were characterized as being backwater people who cling to God and guns. And you guys want to extend that to THREE YEARS? Or maybe even FOUR? Why not just go ahead and start grooming people for the 2016 ticket while you’re at it? Or maybe you’re already doing that…

How about you cons and neo-cons put away your little “Fantasy White House League” equipment for now and worry about the 2010 mid-term election? After all, the way that the GOP has been shooting itself in the foot (thanks in no small part to your efforts), there may not BE a party for you guys to hang your hat on by the time 2012 comes around.

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Carrie said...

My jaw dropped when I found out that they wanted Cheney. Didn't they learn anything from the last eight years?