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Week of 11/09/2009

Show Me The Freedoms!
– by David Matthews 2

One of the things that have really bothered me of late has been this cry from conservatives and neo-conservatives about “lost freedoms”. Every time they open their mouths, they cry about “this freedom” or “that freedom” that is lost or threatened by President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress.

But I have to ask… WHAT freedoms are they talking about?

No, seriously, WHAT FREEDOMS?

Media moonbat Glenn “Blood Shooting From My Crying Eyes” Beck constantly cries over the “freedoms” that are lost, or are being lost, or are about to be lost. He and the other flakes and trained parrots for the GOP are acting as though they are the direct mediums to America’s Founding Fathers… when, in truth, if those Founding Fathers knew what was being done in their name, they would probably pull a “Dawn of the Dead” act just to bitch-slap these flakes silly. They certainly NEED a hard dose of reality after the stunts that people like Beck pull.

So the first question that needs to be asked is WHAT FREEDOMS are supposedly being “threatened”?

If the subject is healthcare, WHAT FREEDOMS are supposedly on the line here?

Sure there’s the talk about the dreaded “Fairness Doctrine”, but that particular neo-con boogie man is something that has been opposed for thirty years now. It’s been brought up over and over and over again by liberals who yearn to silence their opponents, but that’s all that it has been… TALK.

Tell you what, Glenn, you find that legislation or regulation that would reinstate the “Fairness Doctrine” and we’ll fight it together. In fact you’d have people on ALL sides of the political spectrum coming out to FIGHT that kind of legislation or regulation. BUT you’d have to find it first.

Conservatives, on the other hand, have actually CENSORED speech in the past. Remember the needless hysteria surrounded Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl “flash”? The congressional hearings, the new censorship laws imposed, the directives to the FCC to crack down on “offensive” material… any of those things ring a bell?

Moonbat Beck wants people to think that “net neutrality” is also a form of censorship. It only works, of course, as long as most people have absolutely no idea what net neutrality REALLY is. For those of you who are more ignorant than a 17th Century colonist during the Witch Trials, net neutrality would be the one thing that would prevent your Internet provider from blocking the Fox News website, or wanting you to pay extra just to view its streaming videos. You get the picture?

So again… WHAT FREEDOMS are really on the line here?

The “freedom” to choose your own healthcare provider? In many states you don’t have that anyway! Several states just have ONE insurance provider. ONE. And what happens when IT decides you’re not eligible for coverage? Is that what Beck and company call a “freedom”?

Oh… how about the “freedom” of information between a doctor and patient? I’m sure Beck and company would say that THIS is being “infringed” by healthcare reform, right?

UNLESS… the “treatment” being discussed between doctor and patient is something that they could not discuss anyway. Things like… abortion… medicinal marijuana… experimental non-approved drugs... discussions that Beck’s wacky zoo crew friends would RATHER NOT be brought up.

Is THAT the “freedom” that Beck is lamenting over? The “freedom” to BE silenced?

Let’s see… what other “freedoms” that Beck and his wacky zoo-crew friends want to fret about?

The freedom of association, you say? Hmm… which “association” are we talking about? The one between doctors and patients? Doctors and big pharmaceutical companies? Hospitals and insurance providers? Employers and insurance providers? Insurance providers and Americans? Or maybe between Insurance executives, Big Pharma executives, Hospital executives, and their stock brokers, financial advisers, and golden parachutes?

And HOW ARE any of these things “threatened”? Beck and his zoo crew won’t answer that. They’ll just say that it is.

And THEREIN lies the problem! The cons and neo-cons and their wacky zany zoo people like Glenn Beck banter words about like “freedom” without the slightest ounce of PROOF that any of it is actually THREATENED!

In fact Beck and his zoo crew have to actually INVENT so-called “freedoms” to justify their fraudulent claim of them being “threatened”. They have to MANUFACTURE the “right to make a profit” to then claim that it is “threatened”. They have to FABRICATE a “right to own a business” for them to then falsely claim that it is “under attack”.

As a matter of fact, I can and will shoot down that whole premise of Beck and his zoo crew with one simple question! ONE QUESTION! That’s all that it takes to shoot this whole thing down!

Glenn… if you and your cons and neo-con supporters really and truly subscribe to this belief that there is a “right to own a business” and a “right to make a profit”, would you then vigorously defend my perceived “right” to open a brothel between a Day Care Center and a church?

Glenn? Are you there, Glenn? You and your zoo crew myrmidons all of a sudden became painfully silent. Where did you go Glenn? I thought you were all for my perceived “right” to own a business and to make a profit, Glenn. You mean to tell me that there ISN’T such a “right”? You mean to tell me that not all businesses are treated the same? But that is what a “right” entails. It means it’s something that the government has NO BUSINESS getting involved in! You mean to tell me that there ARE some businesses that can-and-must be outlawed or controlled or corralled through government?

Let’s get brutally honest here… if you want to sit there and scream and shout about endangered freedoms, then you had better be prepared to actually EXPLAIN what those “freedoms” are! You got your chalkboard, Glenn… and you know how to use it… so go ahead and actually LIST which specific freedom is endangered.

You want those of us who REALLY support freedom to support your side, Glenn? Then you SHOW US what “freedoms” are at stake!

You see, here’s the problem: Beck and his zany zoo crew are flipping out over manufactured “threats” to freedoms while at the same time ignoring ACTUAL threats and infringements on REAL freedoms. Where WERE these self-styled pseudo-patriots when the government said that “9/11” was their universal justification for everything? Where WAS that three-pointed cap of theirs when it came to the PATRIOT Act or the FISA courts? Where WAS that reverence for America’s Founding Fathers and for freedom itself before November of 2008?

Worse yet, as long as Beck and his myrmidons are screeching about fabricated “threats” - done pretty much at the behest of filthy-rich insurance companies, hospital administrators, and Big Pharma - they diminish the efforts of those who respond to the REAL threats to freedom in this country. So WHEN the government decides to pull another PATRIOT Act or something far worse in the name of “national security”, those of us who TRULY stand up and oppose it will be compared to Beck and his zoo crew. He and his friends are actually doing the cause of freedom a DISSERVICE!

Glenn Beck does what he does to get attention for himself. This has always been the case, no matter if he’s on radio or TV. You can take the character out of zoo radio, but you can’t take zoo radio out of the character.

I’m not saying that the healthcare programs going through Congress doesn’t have some faults. There are some proposals going through that ARE a threat to personal freedom, such as requiring mandatory insurance without providing a public option. But if you’re going to pretend to side with names like Jefferson, Madison, and Franklin, then you had BETTER be serious about it, and you had BETTER provide SPECIFIC instances and examples. Because for those of us who DO take the cause of freedoms seriously, THIS IS NOT A GAME! This is not some talk radio stunt or a shtick to put on Fox News for the sake of ratings.

It’s time for moonbats like Beck to be sent back to the zoo where they belong.

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