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Is Michael Cohen The Designated Fall Guy?
My best friend and adopted older brother RJ Evans said it best when he said that “The hypocrisy always reveals the lie.”
It is with this in mind that I’m going to tell you something about the orange-skinned narcissist inhabiting the White House that you probably will not like and certainly will not want to hear, but it still needs to be said.
No matter how much Donald Trump complains about “the swamp” or the mythical “deep state”, no matter how many times he promises to “drain the swamp” or “end the deep state”, no matter how many times his acolytes and soothsayers and propagandists promise to get rid of these things, it will never happen.  And it will never happen because it is the best tool that Donald Trump has as President of the United States to stay in office.
Yes, this is the man who campaigned for President by complaining that it is a “rigged system” that he then won, and then he gets upset when people try to find out just how rigged it was, which would verify everything that he said about it on the campaign trail.  Think about that.  Why would Trump complain when people try to verify what he had openly and gladly complained about on the campaign trail?  They’re proving him right.  Why is that, then, the “wrong” thing to do according to Trump?
The only logical reason why is because Trump used the very “rigged system” that he complained about to get in the White House, and he will need it to stay in the White House.
I strongly believe, with history on my side, that President Donald J. Trump will not be forced out of office, barring any sudden manic episodes where he would try to instigate a full-scale nuclear attack.  It doesn’t matter who wins in the 2018 mid-term hoax in November.  It doesn’t matter if the partisan control of the Congress flips one way or the other.  It doesn’t matter what the Russia investigations reveal.  It doesn’t matter how many Twitter-tantrums he throws or abuses of office he commits, that very “rigged system” and mythical “deep state” that he complains about will keep him in power.
No, I don’t believe that Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi would allow Trump to be impeached should she become Speaker of the House again.  I know this because she’s done this the first time she became Speaker.  With allegations of violating federal laws being floated about, then-Speaker Pelosi said arrogantly that “impeachment is off the table” when it came to the White House under President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.
She said it then, and I believe she would say it again should she become Speaker again under Trump’s kakistocric rule.
From what I’ve observed, Pelosi is a Machiavellian power-monger.  She seems to be fixated on power and what she can leverage behind-the-scenes.  That’s why she is where she is today.  That’s why nobody has managed to unseat her sorry bony ass from her current position.  She wouldn’t want to get rid of Trump, because she could use his flaws and defects as leverage, just like she used what she can leverage to stay where she is today.
Let’s not forget as well that the Democrats are always fixated on “the next election” so much so that they will never do what is right.  Why get rid of Trump when they can use him as the poster boy for their next campaigns?  The GOP campaigned against Jimmy Carter even after he left office.  They never stopped until Bill Clinton got elected.  The GOP still uses Pelosi as the straw candidate in every election in America outside of her district.  For every day that the orange-stained preening narcissistic man-child stays in office and throws his Walmart-level tantrums, that’s another day that the Democrats can use as their own campaign prop.
But that still leaves us with a glaring problem.  What do to with all of the scandals that surround the narcissist Trump?
That’s where the “swamp” comes in.  All they have to do is find a fall guy.
Enter Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney and alleged “fixer”, only this time not in the way that he would imagine.
Mr. Cohen has been outed as the point man for so many things gone wrong with Trump.  He was supposedly behind hushing up of alleged infidelities with porn stars and Playboy models, and that could be just the tiny tip of the iceberg of wrongdoing.  He’s already despised by the public, and it doesn’t help that he resembles the stereotypical lawyer-weasel every time he’s seen in the open.
Mr. Cohen could very well be the answer to all of Trump’s current problems.  All Cohen has to do is take the fall for his client.  In fact, it seems, as of this article’s posting, that things are setting up for it to happen just like that.
We’ve seen this before.
Remember Scooter Libby?  Libby was the fall guy for Vice President Cheney when the White House was accused of violating a Reagan-era federal law when “someone” outed Valerie Plame Wilson as a CIA officer.  A serious breach of trust was committed, a federal law broken, and a lot of people had bloody hands over it, and all because Wilson’s husband dared to publicly question sixteen words of Bush Junior’s State of the Union speech about Iraq.
The problem was that the people who would be thrown in prison for this sucked up to the special council like the bitches that they were so they wouldn’t be held to account, and the ones on top were considered “untouchable”.  Someone still needed to take the fall for it, and they didn’t want it to be Cheney.  He was a “too big to fail” person.  So he let his Chief of Staff, Mr. Libby, fall on the sword.
And that, supposedly, ended the whole matter.  Sure, Valerie Plame Wilson’s career was terminated.  Sure, her name and her reputation were sullied in the name of war-making partisan politics.  Sure, countless American lives were maimed and lost on a war based on lies.  But at least “someone” paid the price for that.
So now Trump is in trouble.  He has all these possible illegal activities going on around him and in his name, and he can scream “fake news” and “no collusion” until his orange-skinned fake Jersey tan turns blue, and it won’t do him any good.  Someone will still need to take the fall for it before it can go away, and Trump doesn’t want that “someone” to be himself.
The easy fix would be for Cohen to take the fall for everything.  The infidelity fixing, the Russia thing, all of it.  He takes the fall, he goes away for a little while in Scooter Libby’s old comfy cell at Club Fed, and the “swamp” washes their collective hands clean of it all.  The media moves on to find something else to bitch about.  Case closed.  And then, as a farewell “present”, an outgoing Trump pardons Cohen.  And if he doesn’t, then the “swamp” makes sure that the next person in the White House does.
That’s how the game is played, people.  That’s why, for all of his public complaining about “the swamp”, Trump still needs it to keep his sorry fat ass in office and out of prison.
Let’s get brutally honest here... one of the reasons why the “swamp” is so notorious, and what makes the Trump election so devastating to our political system, is that once you’re in it, you become part of it, and it will do everything in its power to protect itself and everything in it.  Even the worst of the bunch get protected if they’re in high enough of a position. 
For all the claims of being an “outsider”, Trump stopped being that the moment he got the GOP nomination in 2016.  He has been part of the “swamp” since then.  Sure, some of his choices end up being embarrassments, but they don’t matter as much as the narcissist or his Veep.  As long as Trump keeps protecting his new friends and allies, albeit away from microphones, they’ll do everything to protect him.
“The hypocrisy always reveals the lie.”  All it takes is a little time to see just how right I will be about Cohen for you to see just how that applies to Trump.
I’m sure that makes some of you a bit uneasy, especially if you voted for Trump under the belief that he really would “drain the swamp” like he promised.  You may even feel a little betrayed at some point, even if you don’t want to admit to it.  Don’t worry; you’re not going crazy.  You’ve just been Trumped.  That’s what he is really good at doing, and you’ll find that you’re in great company, too.

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