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Still More Crazy In The Cult Of Trump
I am starting to be convinced at this point that all-out civil war and anarchy will break out at some time real soon, or President Donald Trump will launch a nuclear war, probably on North Korea.
And I don’t come to this two-sided fear lightly.  I certainly don’t want either to happen.  But situations seem to be devolving to the point where we either fragment in civil war, or we nuke the world.
This is the true gift of the Cult of Trump.  It has exposed the raw, naked, malicious and sadistic sentiments of one political party while at the same time revealed the absolute and utter incompetence and impotence of the other party.
And it’s not a matter of asking just how far things will go.  The point where that kind of question would have any relevance has come and gone back in November of 2016.  The only two questions that have yet to be answered are (1) when we will get our heads out of our own asses and acknowledge and recognize and own what is happening, and (2) if there is anything at that point that we can do to stop it.  Because once our narcissistic president presses the button, it’s too late.
Let’s go over the latest signs of our degraded country...
Trump’s Twitter-Twit Typo:  I’m not even going to give him the benefit of repeating the Twitter-Twit’s typo.  You know what it is.  If you don’t, Google it.  There is no “hidden meaning” or “special code”.  It is a Twitter typo by a narcissistic Twitter-Twit.  Period.  Stop repeating it.  Stop trying to play it into memes.  You are playing his game when you do this!  Stop playing Donald Trump’s game!
GOP Thugs: So in Montana, it’s apparently open season on reporters.
Greg Gianforte, a rich pampered Christian thug, decided to put his hands on a reporter and knock him to the ground for the “offense” of asking the GOP candidate for Congress for a comment about healthcare.  Gianforte, who has a history of thuggish hostility towards reporters, claimed the reporter was the real aggressor.  A Fox News reporting team witnessed the whole incident and sided with the reporter’s account.
This happened on the night before the special election, and at that point about 75% of the voting populace there had already early-voted.  No surprise, then, that he won.
What makes this utterly disgusting is that conservatives and neo-conservatives, rather than express outrage or remorse or even an acknowledgement that this was a violent criminal assault that took place, actually sided with Gianforte and blamed the victim for being assaulted.  Pill-popping drug addict Rush Limbaugh actually suggested that the reporter somehow “deserved” to be physically assaulted.  We’ve gone beyond talking about “rape culture”, folks; this is simply “predator culture”.  These are the pillagers attacking the villagers.
Just days later in Texas, a very vocal protest in the state legislature over immigration became heated with a certain member of the GOP called federal immigration agents in to arrest citizens whose only “crime” was exercising their First Amendment right to protest.  And when called on it by a fellow state legislator, that piece-of-crap thug threatened to shoot said legislator in the head and claim self-defense!
“I’ll put a bullet in your head,” said state GOP thug Mike Rinaldi.
This is the GOP, people!  This is what they have become!
And it’s not like violence is somehow new to politics.  There was an out-and-out violent assault that took place inside the chambers of Congress where one member of Congress was physically held down at his desk and literally beaten with a cane.  Except the victim in that incident was a member of the GOP, and the incident, and the polarized reaction to it, helped lead America to the Civil War.  Today, the GOP and their supporters come full-circle.  They are now the criminals that need to be stopped.  And if they aren’t, then history will follow suit and we will see a new Civil War.
Kathy Griffin’s Severed Career:  What makes matters worse is when you have people like Kathy Griffin who upped the partisan hostility by doing a photoshoot where she is holding what is supposed be a severed and bloody head of President Trump.
Now, quick disclaimer: I’ve never really been a fan of her work.  Some people are funny to me, and she just isn’t.  She tries way too hard.
And while she supposedly issued an apology before losing her annual New Year’s Eve gig with CNN (which she lost anyway), that isn’t enough for the cons and neo-cons and the trumpets.  They want to be the ones holding her severed and bloody head, hopefully in a rhetorical sense only, for doing the same to Il Trumpe. 
Okay, two thoughts: first, the cons and neo-cons who had no qualms about showing pictures of Barack Obama being hung and/or burned in effigy have no moral right to complain about Griffin’s photo.  At all.
Second, Griffin’s photo wasn’t something done in haste or done in the heat of argument.  This was a photoshoot.  In other words, this was planned and arranged between the photographer and Griffin and Griffin’s people.  I’ve been on both sides of the camera, so I know this is not a last-minute thing.  And you can’t say “oh, we were just kidding around, this wasn’t meant to be made public”.  It doesn’t work like that!
And, honestly, that doesn’t help.  Just like the anonymous protester who sucker-punched alt-right leader Richard Spencer in front of the media during Trump’s inauguration was not helping.  But at least he can claim it was the heat-of-the-moment.  What Griffin did wasn’t.
Sorry Little Hack: There is a part of me that feels a little sorry for White House Hack Sean Spicer.  I’m sure he’s trying everything he can to do his job of making narcissistic crap appear credible.
So I imagine he must feel really bummed out, being a Roman Catholic, when he found out that he wasn’t on the travel list with Trump and his entourage to the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis.  That’s like going to the Grand Old Opry and not bringing along your one and only country music fan.
That had to hurt.
And I know a lot of people were trying to spin the snub in all sorts of different ways to say that Hack Spicer was “on the way out” or that he did something to offend the Narcissist-in-Chief.  They’re trying to re-interpret this as some sort of message, when, really, it’s not about Spicer.  It never was about him.  It is about Donald J. Trump.  It has always been about Donald J. Trump.  Because that’s how a narcissist rolls.
So... Sorry Sean, but you just got Trumped.  It’ll happen to everyone at some point.
Still doesn’t excuse your crappy job, though.
The Trump Euro-Tour: Okay, suppose you’re Donald Trump.  You’re there for a meeting with European leaders.  Important stuff to talk about.  Stuff you should know more about, like dealing with the refugee problem.  Trade deals.  Terrorism.  Economic troubles.  But instead of being seen like an actual world leader, you’re shoving your way through photo ops and riding behind on golf carts like a pampers spoiled princess while all the other world leaders are actually walking together.
You tell me... what sort of message does that send the world?  Does that show that you want to work with these people and thus with the rest of the world?  Or are you just an orange-skinned buffoon, prancing about like a modern-day Mussolini, and expecting the world to bask in your glory?
Yeah, don’t bother trying to answer that question, because it was rhetorical, and, besides, we’re dealing with a narcissist.  So he’ll claim to be the former and end up being the latter.
And, you know what?  Germany and the other European nations have every reason to believe that they should not put any faith in America as long as the Cult of Trump is in charge.  Because that’s what “’Murica First” is all about.
Leading From Behind: And now we come to the most recent big blunder on the world stage... our “Brexit” from the Paris Climate Accord.  This comes after Trump was bumbling about like a spoiled princess in Europe, pretty much pissing off everyone there.
I’m really not surprised that Trump would dump anything involving climate change.  Let’s get brutally honest here... we’re dealing with a president that has surrounded himself with flat-earth-thinking fundamentalists and Big Corporate plunderers that have already sold everything they can for profit.  They paid for him to choose them over the planet.
Besides, “the planet” didn’t elect Trump!  Ask him, he’ll tell you that himself!  “His people” put him in the Oval Office.  He even has a color handout that he loves to give that shows just “who” put him in the White House.  And you won’t find “the planet” on that list.  You certainly won’t find any so-called “tree-hugging lib-ur-uls” on that list either.
And it’s not just Trump either.  The State of Oklahoma is deep in the hole because their governor and rubber-stamping GOP legislators have promised big stinking tax breaks for their friends in Big Oil and now they’re up to their eyeballs in debt. 
They’re so broke... “How broke are they?”  They’re so broke that they can’t even afford to pay attention.
And this is supposed to the political party and the political faction of “fiscal responsibility” too!
But, hey, what do you expect from a cult?  Reason?
And, you know, it really doesn’t matter if Trump thinks that climate change is real or if it is a hoax.  Even if he firmly believes that it is real and that it’s humanity’s fault, that ultimately does not matter.  It’s not about what he “thinks” or “believes”.  It’s about what he does.  And what he does is meant to appease “his people”, which, in turn, glorify him.  And that is really all that matters to a narcissist.
And then there is this...
Still More Incompetent Fail: The reason why the GOP have been allowed to behave the way they have is because they know there is nothing to stop them.  The Democratic Party has been a failure and a constant loser of an organization that knows nothing except failure.  They cannot win an election unless the GOP gets really, really sloppy, and then they can’t retain that position when the GOP get their act together.  And they do not know why that is.
The answer is simple: they are co-dependent abuse enablers.
And, yes, I am talking about the whole damn political party.
I’ve made it clear in previous articles that the Democratic Party needs to die for America to survive, and I still believe that.  They have survived this long only because of their co-dependent relationship with the GOP, and that survival is coming at the expense of the rest of the nation.
If the Democratic Party had any strength left to them, any spine, then they would not have had Hillary Clinton as their “destiny” candidate.  Someone else would have been able to soundly defeat Trump.  Hell, the GOP probably wouldn’t even have to worry about Trump as a candidate if they knew they had to go up against a real challenger.  So if liberals want to point fingers at anyone for the world having to put up with the Cult of Trump, they can start and stop with their own damn party.
Fun, huh?  And we are only six months into this cult occupation.
So how long, America?  How long will we have our heads up our rectums before we acknowledge the mess that we put ourselves in?  And will we recognize it before the real nightmare begins?
It’s up to you.  I’m just here to remind you that it’s your own damned fault.

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