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Some Needed Advice For Progressives And The Rest Of The Resistance
Okay, this is an open letter for those of you who didn’t vote for the orange-skinned-wacky-man that are right now outraged and angry and even afraid of what Donald Trump is doing now that he’s the President of the United States.
First off, if you’re a Trumpet looking for political ammunition, screw you.  I didn’t vote for your guy, but I also didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton either.  I’ve been on the political outside back when your self-appointed messiah was still just a narcissistic businessman, and the only “enemy” on his mind was a bad breeze hitting his hair.  And I’m not telling these guys anything that I wouldn’t be telling you if your boy lost the election either, so get over yourself and go see a doctor about that stick up your ass.
Okay... now that I’ve pissed off 49% of the country... again... this is for the rest of you sorry lot.  The progressives, the liberals, the Democrat Party supporters, not to mention the average ordinary person who didn’t vote for the orange-skinned-wacky-man and his theo-fascist members of the Cult of Trump.
First, welcome to the ranks of the political outsiders.  As you heard me tell off the Trumpets, I’ve been here for quite a while now.  I know some of this will be new to you.  Some of you have not felt this scared before.  You’re not used to seeing us socially revert.  If you paid attention in school, you’d learn from your history lessons that we’ve been here before and how it’s different now than when it happened before.  And if you didn’t learn this in school, then we all know which educational institutions have failed us.
So you had your little marches after the inauguration, and you had your moments of rage at the airports, and you keep saying that you need to mount a “resistance” to stop the Cult of Trump.  Hey, good for you.
So now what?
Well I’ll tell you what most of you will do... you will go home and you will grumble for the next three-and-a-half years.  You’ll tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter that you’re scared and you’re angry and you’re outraged and that you wish the election never happened the way that it did.    And that is all that you will do.  You’ll be pissed off and angry, but that’s it.
And I’ll let you in on a little secret: that’s precisely what the Cult of Trump expect of you.  That’s why they’re acting like the pompous self-righteous ass-clowns that they are about your little demonstrations and protests.  Sure, it’ll ruffle the orange-skinned-wacky-man himself, but that’s because he’s a narcissist.  He curses the wind if it blows the wrong way.  But for Vice President Pence and the rest of the Cult of Trump, they know better.  They know that you’ll have your little “tantrum” and then you will go home.
That’s why I find it hard for me to take any talk of “resistance” seriously right now.  Most of you are like “Yeah, I’m pissed, I’m mad as hell, but I have to take my precious to soccer practice.”  And, again, that is what the Cult of Trump expects of you. 
In fact, let’s get brutally here... this is what the power elite in Washington and all the various state governments have always presumed about you.  They operate on the presumption that while you’re pissed about something right now, you’ll shut up and go back to work tomorrow once you’ve had your little tantrum, and then they will go right back to work finding new and different ways to screw us all over on behalf of their K-Street and C-Street friends.
So if you are serious, or if you want to be serious, then you need to understand that this is not just a four-year “thing” when you can squeeze something in between your precious tax deduction’s soccer practice and work.  The Women’s March and the airport protests need to be the warm-up act.  So that’s the really the first piece of needed advice to give to you...
Be prepared for the long haul.  This is not a one-and-done deal.  You can’t just say “we protested and they heard us.”  No, they didn’t hear you!  And they never will “hear” you, no matter how loudly you complain.  All they hear is the wail of a child’s tantrum.  You cry out, they roll their eyes, you go home, it’s back to business-as-usual, lather, rinse, repeat. 
You want to really be “heard”?  You need to be out there every time, every day, on every issue.  Just like the GOP did for the last four years under Barack Obama.  They disagreed with and objected to every issue, every day, every instance.  Even when it exposed them to being the lying hypocritical sacks of monkey crap that they are.  They were still out there and saying “no” and “hell no” and “what part of ‘no’ don’t you understand”.
And, no, it’s not going to be easy.  You’re not going to get respect.  You’re going to get ignored and ridiculed and tormented over it.  You’re going up against a political death-cult being led by a narcissist!  They don’t care about you or about what happens to you.  Ever.  At all.  Period.
This next one is just as important...
Your side lost!  Accept it!  In the 2015 documentary “The Death of Superman Lives”, Bryan Singer supposedly countered the demands of Warner Brothers executives to micromanage in his production of “Superman Returns” by pulling out an earlier photo of Nicholas Cage dressed as Superman and reminded them “this is what you tried to pull off”.
Well the same holds true to those of you who voted for Hillary Clinton.  You need to accept the fact that you backed the wrong candidate in Hillary Clinton and that you lost the election.  Sure, Bernie Sanders could have beaten Don “The Ego” Trump, but the Democratic National Committee didn’t want Bernie.  They sold their souls and their party’s reputation to muscle Hillary in, and the vast majority of you bought into that deal.
And you need to own that.  You need to accept and own that reality, because the Cult of Trump will beat you with it like Bryan Singer did with Warner Brothers.  Trump and his cult have and they are and they will continue to remind you that you lost the election.  This is how bullies behave.  They find your weakness and they exploit it.  Trust me, I know this from experience.
Own the narrative!  One of the things that the GOP did that allowed them to take over Congress in 2010 and edge out this past November is that they were allowed to own the narrative on the issues.  They had a message for everything Obama did or wanted to do, and that message was “not on our watch”.
Yes, their obstructionism was nothing short of out-and-out sabotage, but they controlled the narrative, so it became a “political tradition” that only existed in their heads and only lasted for as long as Obama was in the White House.
Trump certainly knows how to own the narrative.  Remember his pet nicknames for his challengers?  “Low Energy” Jeb Bush? “Little Marco” Rubio?  “Lyin’ Ted Cruz”?  “Crooked Hillary Clinton”?  They certainly stuck in all our heads.
And as long as Trump is allowed to engage in his 3am Twitter-tantrums, he will continue to own the narrative as President.  That’s something that you as would-be members of the resistance need to neutralize.  You need to own that narrative.
Expel the losers!  One of the things that the so-called “Tea Party” movement in the GOP did was to get rid of a lot of old “mainstream” members.  The ones that were willing to work with “the other side of the isle”.  And they didn’t wait for the voters to do it in the November election.  They did it in the primaries.
And that is what you need to do as well.  Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shummer, and the rest of the Dems need to be put on notice that their futures in Washington are numbered.  Pelosi and the rest of the incompetent failures have already said that they’re going to simply wait until the nation somehow “comes to their senses” and votes out the GOP in the 2018 mid-terms.
So let me ask you who claim to be “the resistance” (with an intentional small “r”): if you really think that Trump and his cult are that dangerous, do you really think that the nation can last until 2018 to “come to their senses”?  Remember that this is someone who has proven to throw Twitter-tantrums at 3am without a care as to the consequences.
If Pelosi and Shummer and the rest of the lot can’t do what you expect them to, then you need to start using another “r” word in their faces: recall.  And, yes, that especially includes the ones in your district.  That means that you – and I do mean you individually – have to do your bit and actually vote them out.
And, yes, ideally you need to get rid of the Democratic Party altogether.  They are losers and they are being led by losers.  And the Cult of Trump and the rest of the GOP know this and they expect the Democratic Party to continue to serve as the Party of Losers so they can keep being elected and re-elected.  So that party needs to go away.  It has long outlived their usefulness.  Let the Greens and the Libertarians pick up the challenge of the Cult of Trump. 
Sadly, though, I don’t see that part happening anytime soon.
This next piece is equally important...
Keep the focus on Trump himself!  Your problem is with the ego in the Oval Office, not his current wife and his complex family.
Unless Melania Trump does something really stupid, keep her out of the discussion.  If she’s smart, she’ll stay out of the mess and let her husband get all of the grief.  Yes, she was a model in her day, and, yes, she posed nude, and, yes, we can see more of her through the Internet than any other First Lady in American history.  Deal with it.  It has no bearing on the here and now unless her husband decides to wage a morality war on behalf of his C-Street “friends”.
And their young son is certainly off-limits until he turns 18!  Same for his grandchildren.  That should be without saying, but some people (*ahem* SNL writers *ahem*) do need to be reminded of that.
And unless Trump decides to let his adult children get involved in government activities, they should be off-limits as well.  Don’t harass Ivanka Trump just because you hate her daddy like one idiot did.  Keep your focus on President Donald J. Trump himself.  The president seems to think it’s all about him anyway, so let’s not disappoint him.
This next piece of needed advice is unique, and it really needs to be said...
Don’t make stuff up about Trump!  I am really serious about this.  You do not need to fabricate birth certificates like the GOP did to Obama and try to claim that Trump is really some cross-bred quasi-orangutan born in a remote lab in Brazil by some 1940’s German fugitives.  You don’t need to claim that Trump is actually the host for some ugly hair-like alien parasite serving as the vanguard to some alien invasion, or that his brain was replaced by a Russian mini-server controlled by Vlad Putin.
You don’t ever have to do anything like that... because Trump actually writes his own crazy material.
This is the man that claimed in public to know more about fighting terrorists than the generals in the Pentagon.  He who never served in the military and got the usual GOP chickenhawk deferments claims to know more than the military men and women that still serve today.  That is not an exaggeration. That is real!  He actually said that.
This is someone who appeared at the National Prayer Breakfast this past week and started out by talking about how bad “Celebrity Apprentice” is now that he’s not the host of it but he still serves as “Executive Producer” and then asked those assembled to pray for better ratings.  That is not an exaggeration.  That is real.  He actually said that!
He who boasted that women will let him do anything he wants because he’s got money.  He who actually said “Grab ‘em by the pussy.”  He who appeared in Playboy videos and professional wrestling events and upgrades his wives in the same regularity that most people upgrade their cars and now sucks up to bible-thumpers.  These are not exaggerations.  These are real.
Remember George W. Bush and his “Bushisms”?  People didn’t have to make anything up about Junior because he wrote his own material.  The same holds true for the orange-skinned-wacky-man currently in the White House.
So you don’t have to make anything up about Trump.  Ever.  Leave the fiction-writing to his hack team of Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer and the folks at Fox News and Breitbart.  That seems to be their specialty.
Don’t trust the media to help!  You and I both know that there is no such thing as “alternative facts”.  Those are just soft language words for lies, lies, and more goddamned lies.  But the media is trying to spread that in their attempt to “normalize” the Cult of Trump.
And that’s not the only instance.  Remember all the talk about the “alt-right”?  You don’t hear too much about that lately, do you?  No, you don’t hear about that now that Trump’s personal Rasputin, Steve Bannon, is in the inner circle.
How about “the age of post-truth”?  That’s another one of the media’s inventions.  Once upon a time we used to call it for what it really is... the brainwashing of a cult!  It’s otherwise known as “doublespeak”.
But the media doesn’t want to call out the people engaging in doublespeak.  No, they just wash their hands of it and say we’re in “the age of post-truth”.
Pissed off about that?  You should be!
The air-fluffed ego-driven media is really no more liberal than it is conservative.  The media in its entirety is part of the status quo, no matter who is in that status quo.  Sure, some of the air-fluffed ego-driven personalities are “liberal”, but they work for conservative bosses and owners, and they don’t want to lose money, prestige, or access simply because of who won the election.  So they will suck up to Trump and his cult followers and they will do everything that they can to “normalize” the stupid, no matter how stupid it may be or how stupid it may make them look.
So don’t expect the media to help you.  They are not your friends, and they are certainly not on your side.
And the last piece of needed advice is this...
Clean up your own act.  Just as important as owning the narrative is making sure that you’re not looking like hypocrites.  Own up to the failings of Team Obama.  Acknowledge they exist.  The Affordable Care Act may have helped some people, but it hurt a lot more with dwindling choices, skyrocketing premiums, and outright price-gouging from Big Pharma.  We dropped the ball in Lybia and Syria and that did help to create the Islamic State.  The economy wasn’t that “great” if you’re one of the millions that have been forsaken by our country, and, yes, I’m saying that as someone who was part of the millions that were considered “unemployable”.  The banks literally were able to buy their way out of any kind of accountability thanks to Obama’s Justice Department, and that is all the way up to and including the recent Wells Fargo incident.
You need to own this and accept this and acknowledge this if you want to move forward, because this is what Trump has been using to get converts to his cult.  You want to overcome that?  You need to clean up your act and own up to those failings.
No, it’s not easy to counter the Cult of Trump.  You’re going to feel like you’re shouting at a brick wall and getting discouraged when it doesn’t fall.  But just remember that it wasn’t that long ago that a very vocal minority of fanatics and flakes that were written off by majority, and yet somehow they got control of the Congress, and now that same group managed to get their people in the White House.  You want to counter that?  You have to learn from their example and do better than them.

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