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What Happens With The 2016 Farce Is All Your Fault!
This column is being posted on the eve of Election Day 2016; the penultimate finale to this two-year farce perpetrated on the United States by a whole collage of deplorable people.  People that call themselves “political experts” and “consultants” and “advisors”.  People that went in front of the cameras and on the Internet and spread a script that told the rest of the world that the two most disgusting, untrusting, conniving, manipulative, duplicitous, hypocritical, worthless excuses for human beings since the history of human civil discourse are somehow the “only” options for the highest office in America.
We have had to endure two years of continual inane garbage in the name of “politics” that made the absolute worst of reality TV programs look like “Masterpiece Theater” in comparison.  Backstabbing, name-calling, dirty tricks, bromances, fauxmances, even actual brawls... but, sadly, the last part wasn’t done by the actual competitors of the 2016 Farce.
But now it’s about to come to an end, and it cannot come soon enough for a lot of us.  We actually would rather have the end of the world happen before Election Day.  That is how bad this Farce has become.
And yet - with all that went on these past two years - there is this one little truth:
What happens next is all your fault!
If you’re an American and eligible and registered to vote, yes, I am talking about you!  What happens on Election Day and afterward is all your fault!
Yes, mine too, but primarily yours!
Because, let’s get brutally honest here... despite all of the games and trickery and the lies and the grandiose exaggerations and the narcissistic behaviors, it ultimately falls on each and every one of you to do your part and vote.  These so-called “experts” cannot vote for you, even though they want to.  It is up to you and I and everyone else in the country that can vote and are registered to vote to actually do our goddamned jobs.
We know who Donald Trump is by now.  He is a self-promoting narcissistic clown act with bad business skills that he pretends are better than anyone else in the history of business.  History has shown he is a serial philanderer.  Just ask Marla Maples.  His “brand” is so bad it could almost be declared a Chinese import.  He thinks not paying taxes is “smart”, and there are quite a few small businesses – including a dancing troupe of little girls – that are still waiting to get paid from him.  Oh, and he has a history of being a stereotypical male chauvinist pig that goes beyond “locker room talk” that has been caught on video.
What’s worse is that he’s catering to the delusional neo-conservatives that ignore who Trump is and carry on the delusion that somehow he and he alone can fix all that they believe is wrong with the world.  They openly excuse his destructive personality as simply “being an alpha male” and they sing arias of what can only be a borderline-pornographic fantasy of somehow sending the whole Clinton family, as well as the Obamas, to jail for charges of their own selective creation.
And if that’s not bad enough, Trump is also tapping into the inner fascist that make up the true core of the GOP, and, yes, that includes the worst of the worst.  The people the GOP refuses to recognize that are a part of their core.  We’re talking the KKK, white supremacists, Christian supremacists, and the rest of the alt-right and the militia groups.  They are just this close to getting what they want, which is political validation.  They also see in Trump every dream of theirs becoming reality.
And if you are one of those Trumpets that actually believe that the worst of Trump’s actions are warranted because he’s an “alpha male”, then *you are* a supremacist.  Stop trying to deny it, because your own words condemn you.  You believe that one group of people are superior to all others; that is the very definition of being a supremacist.
And then there’s Hillary Clinton’s camp.  And, again, we already know who she is.  She is the modern-day Lady Macbeth.  There is also really nothing new about her.  All of those drip-drip-drip releases from Wikidripdripdrip coming from Russia’s hackers do not tell us anything that we don’t already know about her or her Machiavellian activities.
Yes, the Democratic National Committee got caught manipulating the primaries and caucuses to favor their girl.  Nothing new.  We suspected that was going on back in 2008.  The only difference is that we now have hacked emails from Russia that supposedly back it up.  Why is that “shocking”?
That’s why she still has her legions of followers.  They know what her husband did twenty years ago.  They know about the email server and her failure to properly address what happened in Benghazi.  They know she’s a smooth operator and political opportunist.  They don’t care.   They just buy into the fiction that she would somehow fight for them instead of for K-Street and C-Street.  They know she’s a political playa... they just think she’s their playa. 
And if you actually believe that we *have* to pick either one of those miserable candidates, then you are a major part of what is wrong with this world.  The fact that they are the nominees for their respective major parties means that those parties have failed the American people and they need to be disbanded.  But they won’t, because you are catering to them.  That is why you – Trumpets and Hillites – are part of the problem, not the solution.
So if either of them win, it’s your fault.
If you’re one of those people that demand third party candidates, then you have a moral obligation to actually vote for them.  They do exist.  They are on the ballot.  You wanted them, you got them, so if you don’t vote for them, then what happens after Election Day is also your fault.  If you don’t vote for what you really want, then you are a liar and a hypocrite and you are just as much part of the problem in America as the Trumpets and Hillites. 
And stop talking about this “wasted votes” crap, because that is what it is.  It is a bold-faced lie foisted by paid political prostitutes in the media to bully you into voting for their political slave-masters.  Third party candidates cannot vote themselves into office.  You – the voting populace – have to actually vote for them.  That is the only way they can replace the failed dominant parties.  You can’t just whine about it.
Let’s put it this way: do you really think that Abraham Lincoln, who was considered a third-party candidate in 1860, could have become president if the voting masses followed the “wasted votes” message of today? 
Uh oh, I just challenged you to look something up.  That’s dangerous!  You might actually discover that the so-called “experts” are wrong about something.  Can’t have that now, can we?
And if you’re one of those people that are just so disgusted by the Trump-vs-Clinton political diarrhea that you decide to not vote at all, then what happens next is also your fault.  You’re playing right into the hands of the two major parties.  They never wanted your vote to begin with.  Trump has the GOP base.  Hillary has her loyal followers.  They don’t need any more votes; they just have to make sure nobody else has any more than them.
So, if you’re one of those people that got interested early on in this farce but then got disillusioned, why are you giving the parties what they really want?  And, yes, I’m talking to you, millennials.  Not voting does not absolve you of the responsibility of what happens.  Not voting means that you are negligent as Americans and that you are playing right into the master plan of the major parties.
Yes, we are all at fault for what happens this Election Day.  If you vote according to your conscience instead of someone else’s political rhetoric, then you’ve done your job as an American.  And I’m not saying that I’ve never bought into their rhetoric.  I’ve done that.  And I learned from my mistake.  Voting is not just a right.  It is a responsibility.  What we do with that vote is entirely on us.
Election day is here.  What happens next is up to you.  You better be willing to live with whatever decision you make, because we *all* have to, and it will be my responsibility as a commentator to remind you of it afterward.

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