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Conscience?  What Conscience?
One of the many ways that the two-party duopoly known as the Democrats and the GOP have been able to preserve their dominance in America is a little game that they play with the elections and the electorate.  They can be as divisive and as polarizing as they need to be during the primaries and caucuses, they can call each other incompetent and crooked and corrupt all they want; but once the party has their nominee, everyone in the party rallies around that nominee and supports that nominee to their last dying breath.  Or until the elections are over with, whichever comes first.  (Usually it’s the elections, which sucks for the rest of the country.)
But this election season is a little different from previous ones.  This time we have two dominant parties with nominees that people really don’t want to see running for president, never mind become the next President of the United States.  It’s not just a matter of them not being right for the job... hell, pretty much every single also-ran in the past were career politicians and party-players who thought being President was simply a matter of “paying your dues and waiting your turn”. 
No, we’re talking about people with a passionate hatred for these nominees.  Nominees that the voters just cannot trust at all.
And the party bosses for the dominant two-party death-cult are still going through with the script.  They’re still playing the game and hoping that the voters will hate the other side of the death-cult more than their own.
But the key thing about the game is that any question of divisiveness within the two sides of the death-cult have to end once their respective national conventions are done.  Once they have their nominee, everyone in the party have to support that nominee to the very end, or at the very least shut the hell up and sit the hell down.
Unfortunately for the party bosses, that has not happened.
The bosses in the Democratic National Committee have been caught rigging their game to favor Hillary Clinton, and the fallout on that is still going on.  The end result is that there is a segment of Democratic voters that refuse to simply accept the crime as being a fait accomplii.  The so-called “Bernie Bros” are still mad as hell that they were cheated and there is nothing that the DNC can do to resolve it short of the extremely unlikely removal of Hillary as their nominee.
The DNC supposedly need those voters in the fear that they could otherwise lose in November.  But rather than placate them, they are using fearmongering and bullying tactics to get them to supposedly “see the light”.
Right, like the “Bernie Bros” would ever vote for the GOP just to spite Hillary.  Hey, newsflash party bosses: there are not “lesser of two evils” here!  There is only evil, and that evil is a dual-personality death-cult that you are one half of!
The GOP have it worse.  They didn’t tip the scales.  Quite the contrary, they ended up with a nominee that they absolutely did not want, and every time they tried to tip the scales to favor anyone but Donald Trump, that candidate lost and lost big.
And that made their national convention pretty much a comedy circus.  There they were trying to “solidify” their party behind Trump when they knew their fellow “establishment” people couldn’t even stomach him.
The funniest part was how they brought in the Canadian-born #Cheat2Win Ted Cruz supposedly to help “unite” the party.
Now before I get to Mister #Cheat2Win, a little education for the uninitiated.  For the past few decades, the national conventions have had nothing at all to do with selecting a nominee.  Thanks to the air-fluffed ego-driven media and the manipulation of party rules, that task is done long before the groundwork can begin for their conventions.  The four-day event, then, becomes nothing more than an overblown ego-driven political infomercial for both their party and their nominee and a way for them to rake in millions in donations without worrying about federal election laws.  (Congress actually votes in limited exemptions for their respective parties each and every time.)
So everyone that supposedly speaks at these conventions do so knowing that they are there to promote that nominee.  These conventions are for their nominee, to show unconditional love and support for their chosen nominee, and to sing the praises of their nominee.
Enter the Canadian-born cheater.  While everyone gets up and sings praises of Trump, Cruz doesn’t.  Instead, he tells people to do the one thing they absolutely do not ever want to hear...
And for that, he was booed right off the stage!
It was hilarious!  And the party bosses had nobody at all to blame for it but themselves!
What was GOP Grand Poohbah Reince Priebus thinking?  Was he even thinking?  Did he pompously believe that somehow Cruz would set aside the animosity that existed between his ego and The Ego and blindly support and endorse the man that viscously went after his wife and father? 
You know what?  He probably thought that all was fair in love, war, and politics, and that everyone would share his schizophrenic mindset when it comes to winning at all costs.  That shows you precisely what “values” the GOP truly represents, and it is one of the chief reasons why I stopped being a card-carrying member of that party over twenty-five years ago.
But let’s go back to what Cruz said that got him booed.
He told America to vote their “conscience”.
Think about that for a minute!  I mean, he could’ve been booed at the end when he didn’t endorse Donald Trump as the script demanded of him to do.  Instead they went after him when he suggested that people should vote their “conscience”!  They reacted to being told to vote their “conscience” like they were being told that their mothers and daughters were moonlighting as strippers and hookers.
And, remember, Cruz’s speech was screened beforehand, so if they didn’t want him to say what he did, they could’ve replaced him at any time with yet another one of Trumps family members or Z-list sycophants.  It’s not like they needed Cruz there.  The bible-thumping extremists were already proclaiming Trump to be the next “God’s Anointed Candidate” and they had shut down the “Never Trump” movement days earlier.  So they knew what he was going to say.  They either didn’t know he’d get booed for it, or they just didn’t care.
This should tell you something about the GOP that they don’t want to admit to.  Namely, they don’t value having a conscience.
Let’s get brutally honest here... it should become crystal clear that the GOP – the party that claims to be for “values” and “morality” – do not want people to listen to their conscience when it comes to voting!  They themselves have already abandoned their conscience when it came to Trump, putting party above even their own principles; and they know that the only way they can live with that choice is if the rest of America does the same. 
Now... let’s see... there is a word to describe people that operate without a conscience.  Oh, that’s right.  They’re called sociopaths.  That is what the GOP has become. They are the party of sociopaths.  It’s not about values or morality anymore.  It’s sure as hell not about electing the best person to run the country, because we clearly don’t have that this time around.  It’s all about winning.  Period.  That’s all that they care about.
I’m sure they’re pointing their sociopathic fingers at Hillary and the DNC right now and saying they’re not the only ones with a problem, and that’s really the truly twisted part of the problem with our two-party death-cult; they know that as long as they can continue to do that, they can continue to operate without fear of being held to account for their own faults.  “I’m bad but the other side is worse” is how they’ve been able to get away with their death-cult activities, and their greatest crime against America is being able to convince the electorate to buy into it time and time again.  We can’t fix them.  We can’t even begin to help them as long as we continue to buy into their death-cult rhetoric.
I’ve been telling people to vote their conscience for years, long before the smug Canadian-born cheating Senator from Texas decided to use it as a last-ditch effort to save his political career.  Jiminy Cricket he is not.  But at least Ted Cruz was able to show just how bad things have become in our country.

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