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Week of 06/01/2015

Lots Of Little Stuff
You know, I really hate it when I have all sorts of subjects to talk about and I can’t really find a way to make it work into one article.
So let’s get some of them out of the way, shall we?
Bruce Jenner – I’m sorry, but I don’t care.  I really don’t care.  Hey, if Bruce decides that Bruce needs to be a “she” and always wanted to be a “she”, then that’s fine.  Doesn’t really matter to me.  I’m not for or against it.  It’s up to Bruce.  Bruce wants to be a “she”, then fine.  Just don’t get in my face about it.
I think I finally figured out the whole message with the Kardashian family (because, don’t forget, and they won’t let you, that Bruce was a part of that whole Clan Kardashian thing).  They all seem to send the same message: “You will care about me!”  It’s almost like everything they do demands that people publicly care about them.  Not just accept or like, but actually demand there be a public acknowledgement that people care about them and what they do.
2016 – I’m going to say this very quickly... you may have noticed that I do not talk too much about the people who want to run for President in the 2016 Elections.  That is because I am defying the script that demands that we focus on it now instead of the things that are going on right here and now. 
Let’s get brutally honest here... everything that you see from now until this coming January on the subject is nothing more than fantasy.  It is all scripted fantasy on behalf of the media and pollsters and so-called political “experts”.  It’s all smoke and mirrors, and I refuse to engage in it until it is the right time.
Unfortunately, it also makes discussing about certain politicians difficult because they do want to be considered contenders for next year.  That brings me to...
Rand Paul Is Still Not A Libertarian! – Once again, I have to curse the goddamned almighty script that calls Senator Rand Paul a “libertarian”.  He’s not a libertarian!  He never was a libertarian.  He is a neo-conservative who talk the talk about “small government” but only when it serves him.  He put on a big show when it came to the NSA bulk eavesdropping program, but that was it, and if he really was a libertarian, then he would have spent that filibuster time actually talking about the trade program discussion that he really hijacked.  Oh, and as the Washington Post reported, Paul’s “victory” was scripted and scheduled.  Just like professional wresting.
Speaking off...
Kill The PATRIOT Act already! – I’m sorry, but if you’re going to defend an Orwellian program that collects every single phone call and website visit that we ever made, then you have no right to associate your name with anything involving the United States of America.  You forfeit any pretense of caring about “American Exceptionalism”, because you can’t claim to be proud of something that American no longer has.  You might as well call yourself a citizen of Oceania, where Big Brother and INGSOC reign supreme.
Like “V” from “V for Vendetta”, I understand why you did what you did.  You were afraid.  We all were.  We were all traumatized by crimes against humanity carried out live on TV.  And then we were forced to relive that traumatic period over and over again.  We sold our souls for some illusion of security.  And now it’s time to let that illusion go.
The NSA bulk-info-hoarding is the opposite of everything America stands for and it needs to end.  It was justified with a bang, and now it needs to die with a whimper.
FIFA Corruption – So the great and illustrious world of professional soccer isn’t so pure and innocent, huh?  You know, I seem to recall when another international organization was caught with a little influence peddling.  You may have heard of this group... it’s the International Olympic Committee.  So, really guys, stop acting like this is something new.
Is it embarrassing?  Of course.  Does it sullen the integrity of the sport?  Well, only in its image.  It’s not going to kill the sport.  Just look at how long our “American” football has been going on with all of the scandals it has had to endure.
Speaking of...
Vlad Putin, STFU! – Can someone please tell Russian President Vladimir Putin to quit his bitching over the FIFA indictments?
Hey Vlad, this isn’t about you!  You still have your FIFA World Cup event.  Nobody’s talking about taking that away from you.  And, quite frankly, the more you bitch about this, the more you make yourself look guilty.
And speaking of guilty and indictments...
Dennis Hastert’s Indictments – Okay, so the former House Speaker and political puppet to then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay was indicted on lying to federal agents about large sums of money being transferred.  Poetic, since this is the same party that impeached Bill Clinton for lying about oral gratification.
But do you know what really should be getting people in an uproar?  How this guy made millions on deals that were done while he was Speaker of the House!  I mean, we’re not talking about cashing in on lucrative lobbying jobs after he left public office.  We’re talking about making money while you’re supposed to be doing the people’s work!
Remember the 2005 transportation bill that ended up being a huge screwjob on the American people?  Bush Junior promised it would help with the criminally-high escalation of gas prices, only to turn around after it was signed and say that it wouldn’t.  Well, according to the Washington Post, what it did do was make Hastert $3 million richer on a land deal that came from $207 million in earmarks that Hastert personally set aside.
Come on guys!  There’s your real crime!  Not only did the American people get screwed over ten years ago, but they funded a program that made Hastert $3 million richer!
And speaking of getting screwed over...
Too Big to Fail Strikes Again! The Securities and Exchange Commission has brought in a new Chief of Staff.  His credentials?  Former attorney for Goldman Sachs.  And before that, he was the SEC’s guy in charge of their Investment Management Division... which was during the Great Recession.  So he watched as Too Big To Fail screwed over the American people.  Then goes to work for Too Big To Fail.  And now he’s back with the SEC with even more authority.
And this comes as the economy is starting to contract again.
Time to stuff your money under the mattress.
Of course nobody wants to talk about this, because then they’d have to acknowledge that we’ve been getting screwed from day one, and Too Big To Fail doesn’t want us to realize that.  After all, they can’t make money when that happens.
DC’s Still Doing It Wrong (Updated) – So DC Comics finished their latest big “crisis” event, “Convergence”.  Eight issues and two months of supplemental stories building up an event that went... nowhere.  (Oh, and I should say “spoilers” here, even though it was already spoiled for us.)
DC spent all this time coming up with not one but two weekly miniseries to build up to “Convergence”, they brought back characters and time periods that spanned the whole comic history, from graphic novels to the original “Superman Red-Superman Blue” story, even to the digital-only series based off the “Injustice: Gods Among Us” game.  They loosely connected it to the over-hyped “Multiversity” stories by Grant Morrison, which made me wonder why they even bothered doing that.
And then they... punted.
The big bad boss, Brainiac, really wasn’t the evil threat that it started out to be.  It supposedly was trying to fix everything that wasn’t working in the DC Multiverse.  The real enemy?  “Crisis on Infinite Earths”.  No, I’m not talking about the Anti-Monitor, who was the big bad boss of that classic tale.  No, the whole “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event is the “evil” that needed to be confronted.  And it ends up being fixed by selected characters from the side-stories.
Worse yet, the “fix” is done remotely.  We don’t see how they “fix” the problem.  We’re just told that it was fixed.  Two months of storyline and side-stories, a whole year of build-up for this “big event”, and it is resolved remotely.
Oh, and everything that was supposedly “fixed” from the Crisis on up is now undone.  The “old” multiverse is “new”, and the “New 52” Multiverse is no more, but Grant Morrison’s “Multiversity” is still intact.
Seriously, Time Warner, you guys have a problem with your DC Comics division.
And finally...
Provoking In The Name Of Free Speech – Okay, folks, you know I’m a big First Amendment supporter.  I started my column back in 1996 defending free speech, and I’m still doing it today.
And when it came to the anti-Islamic protesters, I was on their side about their right to have a “Draw Mohammad” contest.  Was it provocative?  Absolutely.  But, hey, I’m friends with atheists and agnostics and even Playboy Playmates.  I know all about provocative speech.
But then the anti-Islam crowd decided to have an anti-Islam rally in front of a mosque, and here I have a problem with that.  This wasn’t an anti-Islamic-extremism rally.  This wasn’t an anti-terrorism rally.  This was an anti-Islam rally in front of an Islamic mosque.
And all I could think about are all the times when the Klu Klux Klan would burn crosses in certain lawns of the people they didn’t want in their neighborhoods, or the anti-abortion extremists who would protest in front of the private residences of doctors, or of Germany in the 1930’s.
Tell you what, cons and neo-cons... I won’t object about your anti-Islam tactics if you won’t mind me opening up strip clubs and sex shops right next to your churches.  You want to have a “Draw Mohammad” contest?  Great.  Let’s put it next to the “Piss Christ” exhibit along with a showing of Kevin Smith’s movie “Dogma”.  What better way to demonstrate your support of the First Amendment than by practicing what you preach when it comes to putting up with the provocative!
Sadly, I dare to say that very few of you would be willing to go that far.  After all, it’s only “free speech” when you say it, otherwise it’s called “obscenity”, “indecency”, and, of course, “blasphemy”.
Or maybe you’re just foregoing the idea of “American Exceptionalism” and just claiming an “American Exception”.

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