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Week of 05/05/2014

Fill-In-The-Blank Conservative Campaign
It’s Midterm Primary Season here in Georgia.
Time for the GOP wannabes and career politicians to huff up their chickenhawk feathers and try to convince the great unwashed and completely gullible that somehow they are better than all of the other wannabes and career politicians for that same nomination slot.
The GOP script says that whomever gets the nomination will automatically become the winner in November.  It’s the same script that is regurgitated through every political columnist and self-professed “expert” in the mainstream media to brainwash the masses.  That way the candidates really only have to work on getting the nomination, and then the GOP machine will handle the November campaign; presuming there is even competition.
That lets you know just how effective the script is in brainwashing the masses.  When the so-called “opposing party” doesn’t even have the courage to put up even a token fight, then they’ve proven their incompetence.
So the key to the wannabes and career politicians in supposedly securing the nomination (and thus the win in November) lies in one single solitary word:
The wannabes and career politicians need to convince the voting masses that they are somehow more “conservative” than all the others.  The more “conservative” the better.
But the truly maddening part is that touting that one’s a “conservative” pretty much makes it a “fill-in-the-blank” script now.
Everyone pretends to be an “outsider”, even though a lot of them are career politicians.  They’re allowed to get away with this claim by redefining being an “outsider” as someone who “isn’t in Washington” or “isn’t a member of the Senate” or “not running for re-election” or simply “someone who voted against the party a few times”. 
They’ll claim to be either a “small businessman” or a supporter of small businesses.  But small businesses and government are not interchangeable things, especially if you’re running for a place on the legislature.  Small businesses are dictatorships by nature.  To apply that kind of mindset to a legislative body is like trying to herd cats.
They’ll pledge unending hatred of all things Barack Obama, especially the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare”, and promise to do everything they can to sabotage or dismantle or subvert both the man and the legislation.  This is something unique to Obama, because in all the years this commentator has heard the political script being uttered, there has never been a perverse and institutionalized hatred of a sitting President before him.  There have been pledges to dismantle the “New Deal” programs, and to repeal the tax cuts of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, but those were limited to federal elections.  Today, even candidates for county dog catcher are pledging to oppose “Obamacare”!  We’re talking about a perverse institutionalized hatred not seen in almost a hundred years.
They all claim to be “frugal”.  One career politician has gone so far as to drag his whole family into the act in a scripted testimony about how “frugal” he is at home.  Right.  And it’s funny how being “frugal” doesn’t apply to the endless money being spent on ads and campaigns, never mind to his tenure in Congress.
Let’s get brutally honest here… being a “conservative” nowadays is an empty title.  It holds no real purpose other than to justify populist sadism and to pretend to be something they aren’t, namely effective stewards of the public trust.
And it’s also hypocritical, because you can’t claim to have “experience” and yet proclaim yourself to be an “outsider”.  You can’t oppose “special interest groups” while at the same time taking their endorsements and support.  You can’t claim to have leadership when you’re running for a group position that puts you at the bottom of their totem pole.
It’s going to be a difficult time for someone like myself to decide which of the wannabes and career politicians should get my vote.  And yet, that’s also the whole point from those truly in power.  The ones that work behind the scenes and don’t have to pretend to be something they’re not.  They don’t want folks like us to choose.
Good luck, Georgia voters.  You’re going to need it.

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