Monday, October 21, 2013

Week of 10/21/2013

Stop Lying! “Both Parties” Are Not To Blame For Mess!
– by David Matthews 2

Imagine finding out that someone you know was violently attacked.  Savagely beaten, humiliated, or maybe even worse.  Now imagine the police apprehending this attacker, someone with a record of violent incidents, and this person is not only proud of doing what he did, but that the victim deserved to be attacked.  And now picture members of the media, reporters and commentators alike, actually siding with the attacker and saying that the victim was equally at fault.

Wouldn’t you want to go on a warpath with those people?  Wouldn’t you want to punch their lights out for saying that?

That is how I feel right now when it comes to the GOP and their latest political tantrum.

Before we get going with this, I’ll point out that I used to be an actual card-carrying, dues-paying member of the GOP.  I carried their political water through my college years, thinking that they stood for things that I support.  I have no love for the Democrats.  They have proven to be failures time and time again.  The only things that keep the Dems going right now are money, old political power, and the fact that the GOP is their own worst enemy, and sometimes America’s worst enemy as recently demonstrated.

The GOP recently held the federal budget hostage.  They forced a shutdown of the federal government, compelling thousands of soldiers and federal employees to work without pay for about three weeks.  Services were either shut down or put on hold.  Museums, parks, and memorials were closed.  This shutdown could have gone on indefinitely if not for the fact that they also were up against an artificial deadline of their own creation known as the “Debt Ceiling”.

Why?  Because they wanted to de-fund the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare”.  The GOP leaders in the House of Representatives have tried forty-two times to either de-fund or outright repeal it, and all of them have failed to get beyond the House.  So they stole a page from the Mexican Drug Cartel and they kidnapped the federal budget.

And they lost.  They counted on Obama and the Dems to cave and that did not happen.  They lost.

But that isn’t what really bothers me.

What really bothers me is what The Script has been churning out even before the shutdown was resolved.

Even while the government was shut down and the “debt ceiling” deadline was looming and financial “experts” were all up in arms about a possible fiscal apocalypse and Senator Ted Cruz was throwing a temper tantrum about a veterans memorial being closed because of the shutdown he helped to bring about… media commentators began regurgitating the same scripted message.  They all said that the shutdown was horrible, shame on the GOP for doing it…

… But that “both parties” were to blame.

Excuse me?

Are you people in the media on drugs?  What dementedly fractured fairy tale book have you been reading in lieu of reality to come to that conclusion?

Here’s a little reminder: the GOP, the so-called “Republicans”, acting more like anarchists than supporters of any kind of legitimate republic, picked this fight.  They chose to issue an ultimatum.  They were the ones that demanded President Obama and the Senate give up the Affordable Care Act, a law that was already passed, signed, enacted, and vetted by the Supreme Court.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the GOP leadership also enacted a secret rule change in the House on September 30th that would prevent anyone except the House Majority Leader from bringing a continuing resolution from the Senate up for a vote that would have otherwise averted the shutdown.  It’s called House Resolution 368.  Look it up.

The GOP openly picked this fight.  They were the instigators and the perpetrators of this shutdown!

So how the hell do these so-called “professionals” in the media get off saying that “both parties” were to blame?

Are they suggesting that Obama and the Dems were somehow at fault because they did not give in to the GOP’s kidnapping demands?  Isn’t that like blaming the assault victim for not simply giving in?  Or like blaming a rape victim for not spreading her legs wider?  (Yes, I went there.  Or did you think that the GOP is the only group “allowed” to make that kind of comparison?)

You tell me, so-called “professionals” in the media: why is it when the GOP act like the un-budging jackasses that they are, they’re “praised” for sticking to their beliefs, but when the Dems stand firm, you hypocrites tar them as being “unwilling to negotiate” and try to blame them for the destructive actions of their counterparts?  Why are the Dems expected to cave each and every time and then be castigated when they do?  Go ahead, “experts”; I dare you to explain that one to the world!

Unfortunately for us, there is a very simple and painful reason why the media is churning out a fraudulent script that tries to pin the blame on both the GOP and the Dems for the disaster instigated by the GOP… and it is all about fanatically maintaining that damned status quo.

Let’s get brutally honest here… the only reason why “The Script” is trying to share the blame between both political parties, even though only one of them was clearly to blame for it, is because to do otherwise would forever doom the GOP as a party and destroy the two-party dominance.

If the GOP is allowed to take the full blame for their actions, if they were held to account for their acts of sabotage and insurrection, and if the media showed just how destructive the GOP has really become, then the masses would stop voting for them.  The party itself would die.  Literally die, like their predecessors in the Whig Party did back in the 1850’s.

Then that would leave the Dems as the only “major party” left.  But that wouldn’t be for long either.  The Democrats only exist today because of the GOP’s abusive tendencies.  The GOP goes away, the Dems soon follow.  And then where would all of those K-Street power-brokers and special interest groups be?  Their precious status quo would be gone.  Awwww…. “poor widdle” power brokers!

This is the game that has been played on us all this time.  The fanatical extremist cultish adherence to the myth, to the fiction, to the delusional fairy tale, that says that both dominant political parties are equally wrong and equally evil and equally at fault at everything wrong that goes on.  That one dominant party cannot be or do worse than the other dominant party… lest they tip the balance of power that has existed over the decades.

But ultimately there is one group that is truly to blame for this mess… and that is all of us.  We are the ones that buy into the fairy tale instead of reality.  We are the ones that refuse to listen to our own protests and continue to vote to sustain the Dems and the GOP in Washington… simply because The Script tells us to.

I can understand why the GOP refuses to accept reality. I can understand why members of the media continue to sustain lies to support the status quo.  But the only way the lies and the fiction will stop is when we stop buying into it.  A pox on the GOP, shame for the supposed “professionals” in the media, but a double of each should be reserved for us all if we allow them to keep doing these things in our name.

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