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Week of 05/20/2013

Now Will You Get Rid Of Holder?
– by David Matthews 2

I don’t like repeating myself.

I don’t like having to say the same message over and over again.

This is especially true when you consider that I’ve been doing online commentary for over seventeen years now.  I consciously have to go back to my previous articles just to make sure I don’t end up having to repeat myself.

But in this instance, I’m not repeating myself…

Rather I am reiterating what I’ve said before and what needs to be said again.

Attorney General Eric Holder must go!

It’s been just a scant few months since I called for Mister Holder to resign.  The reason then was simple: his continual and blatant refusal to bring criminal charges against the banks dubbed “Too Big To Fail”.  His testimony then before Congress was that any criminal charge would supposedly threaten the global economy.  This was in violation of his department’s own policy, which says that justice is more important than the perceived risk of corporate catastrophe, not to mention it puts banks… the criminals… ahead of countless millions of hard-working Americans… the victims.

I never really expected a groundswell of support for this idea that the people could demand the resignation of the Attorney General.  I received some supporting words from a few readers, some snarky comments from some partisan retards that think that I’m some closet GOPer and accusing me of wanting a GOP AG, but for the most part my words fell on blind eyes and deaf ears.

But much has happened since then, hasn’t it?  And all within a week!

First we have the IRS scandal with the so-called “Tea Party” crowd.  IRS agents asking detailed questions of those so-called “Tea Party” groups trying to get tax-exempt status so they can campaign about how evil the IRS is and how people are taxed too much. 

Think about it… political groups whose supposed sole purpose are to complain about taxes trying to get permission from that very government to not pay taxes.

So while the GOP is out playing the “poor victim” card to the hysterical hilt, the news comes out that the Department of Justice performed a secret seizure of phone records for the Associated Press.  All to find a leak about a story concerning an underwear bomber that ended up being a U.S. spy.

The operative words here are “secret seizure”.  Yes, the Obama Fail used the very tools of the GOP try to find this leak.  It sort of explains why they haven’t done anything to repeal them as their own liberal base has been calling for.

These incidents in and of themselves are black eyes on the Obama Fail, and they come as a one-two punch on their credibility.

So isn’t it time for someone high up the Fail ladder to fall on their sword over this?

Granted, the former IRS director stepped down over the so-called “Tea Party” inquiry, but he was short-term anyway.  Everyone in Washington knew he was already out the door.  He did everything except wear a tee shirt that said “Official Scapegoat”.  Essentially it’s like blaming the failure of Enron on an office temp.

Speaking of which, the Department of Justice finagled a “deal” with the architect of the Enron failure so he would get out of prison ten years earlier than his sentence.  The very corporation that screwed over millions of Americans and aided in the recall of a sitting Governor of California once again delivers another screwjob on the American people… with the help of Attorney General Eric Holder.

But let’s get back to who else should go over these scandals.

Who else is on the list?  Treasury Secretary?  Sorry, but “boy genius” Tim Geithner is already gone.  Can’t fire someone who is already gone.  Same as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  You can’t punish her over what happened with the State Department and Benghazi if she’s not in office anymore.  Former Vice-President Dick Cheney should know this; after all, he let his Chief of Staff take the blame for the Valerie Plame incident.  But, then again, that would involve him thinking outside of the narcissism box.

You can’t fire the new people for things that happened before they showed up, right?  You can make their lives miserable for it, as I’m sure the GOP will for the next few years.  But you can’t really fire them for what they were not around to do.

Who’s left to take the fall?  Who is left high up on the Obama Fail ladder that hasn’t stepped down yet?

Only Attorney General Eric Holder.

Let’s get brutally honest here… Eric Holder remains as the albatross around President Barack Obama’s neck.  He fails to bring “Too Big To Fail” to justice and instead brokers sweetheart deals with them at the expense of the American people.  His staff finagles a sweetheart deal for the architect of the Enron disaster so he could get released ten years early for the crimes that he was already convicted for.  His staff invoked “national security” to go after the Associated Press.  And he could even take the blame for the IRS matter since, absent of an Independent Council, his office would have to handle the prosecution… or lack thereof.

Speaking of prosecution… isn’t it strange that we haven’t heard a peep about the massive hacking of computers from Bloomberg reporters?  I mean we’re talking about potential leaks into the Federal Reserve and the Department of Treasury!  Where are the calls for prosecution here?  GOP leaders got their panties all in a bunch over the IRS scandal and demanded someone go to jail over that.  Where are the calls for prosecution over Bloomberg’s back-door access to their clients’ terminals?  Or will Jersey-tanned Speaker John Boehner only get his Oompa-Loompa cockles raised when the villains are from Obama’s camp?

This is potentially yet another reason why Eric Holder needs to go. 

Bear in mind that this is just the start of President Obama’s second tenure!  Just like his predecessors going back to Ronald Reagan, his second term is just starting to be mired in scandal.  Getting rid of Holder will alleviate much of that mire, clearing the way for him to decide how he wants to end his second tenure instead of having it be defined by that mire.

Understand that I do not want Obama to fail as President, because his failure is America’s failure.  The president doesn’t bear the burden of his failures; the American people do.  His predecessor failed the American people and the American people are still paying the price of that through the economy.  We cannot afford a second failure.

For the sake of the American people, Mister President, stop looking at polls, stop listening to the partisan retards, and start looking at the American people.  Get rid of Eric Holder.  Not for your sake or the sake of your party or for some demented idea of forging a legacy, but for the sake of the very American people that you claim to serve.

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