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Week of 02/13/2012

Are We Seeing The Taming Of The Shrewd?
– by David Matthews 2

In the deluge of political polls and results from primaries and caucuses, it should be no surprise to see the name of Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney on the top of most GOP lists.

He is, after all, the supposed “front-runner”, the “preferred” candidate for the party bosses. When compared to the other “final four” candidates, he always comes out as the “sane” one.

But in what can only be considered a serious “shocker” in politics, Mitt Romney ended up at the top of one of the most unlikely of polls: the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference presidential straw poll.

This comes completely out of left-field, with emphasis on “left”, because the one thing that conservatives have been screaming bloody murder about concerning Romney is that he continually falls short of the “conservative” standard. They accuse him of being a “moderate”, or even a “liberal”, with the same spit and revulsion that they reserve for Democrats. They complain that he’s no different than the current President. Worse, they claim that President Obama patterned his programs after Romney’s gubernatorial versions.

And now, the annual weekend love-fest for the conservatives wraps up with the knowledge that the “anti-conservative” just walked away with their own straw poll. How crazy is that, huh?

So the question is… are the conservatives ready to accept “the inevitable”? Are they finally ready to “grit and bear” having Romney as their nominee?

On the onset, it may seem this way. Pseudo-libertarian Neal Boortz has pretty much accepted Romney as the GOP “messiah” on his radio show, as much as he would wish otherwise. Abrasive columnist Ann Coulter certainly was singing the praises of Romney at CPAC as she tossed out her usual verbal jabs at everyone else. (Bear in mind that she reportedly hated Romney last year.) Showboating businessman Donald Trump told the conservative attendees that his “chosen boy” Romney is the only one that would win. The drum-beat does seem to suggest that the conservatives are ready to give up and give in to the “mellow” side.

But are the conservatives really ready to toss in the towel?

This commentator thinks otherwise.

Let’s get brutally honest here… I don’t think the conservatives are ready to default to Romney quite yet. Sure the writing may be all over the CPAC walls, but, hey, conservatives are known for writing things, not reading them. Reading is part of that whole “intellectual” thing, and they have already condemned anything “intellectual” as being tools of Marxist indoctrination.

The one thing that can be said about the Conservative Shrewd, the dominant GOP loon, is that it hates being told what to do. Conservative Shrewds are used to telling other people what to do, not vice-versa. They see the drum-beat of “Rom-ney, Rom-ney, Rom-ney” as being a taunt, and they will act accordingly.

The conservatives certainly haven’t given up on their downward spiral towards Iran-style extremism, with wild accusations coming from Rick Santorum himself about Obama throwing Christians to the guillotine, and even accusing Romney’s camp of rigging the ballots in the CPAC poll. It’s only a matter of time before Newt Gingrich follows along with his own crazy train accusations to try to prove that he’s still relevant. (I would toss a mention of Ron Paul in there, except the GOP already considers actual libertarian leanings to be crazy, so his supporters really don’t need to do anything wacky.)

Besides, as of this column, the primaries and caucuses have only just begun. Only a handful of states have made their choices and Romney’s lead was far from certain in some of them. One day Romney wins, then Newt Gingrich wins a few, then Rick Santorum sweeps three states, then Romney again. We haven’t even gotten to the “Supers” yet, when multiple states all have their primaries and caucuses on the same day. Once that happens, then we’ll see which one of the four sides of the GOP has truly got the favor of the voters.

And of course it should be noted that as this is going on, President Barack Obama really doesn’t have to do a thing to support his re-election campaign. All he has to do is listen to the Conservative Shrewds squawk on and on about guillotines and rigged polls within their own nests, and then point to them and ask the American people “Do you really want to give these loons the keys to the Oval Office?” He doesn’t even have to worry about the answer.

That’s sad, too, because as long as the Conservative Shrewds continue to run rampant across the political landscape, there is no pressure for President Obama to actually do anything to gain the support of the American people. His people continue to allow the banking criminals to get away with their criminal acts. He’s still plugging away with his so-called “Heathcare Reform” tweaks, even though his “reform” has already screwed over millions of Americans as part of the continual overall economic plunder. He doesn’t really have to do anything different from what he’s been doing the past three years. He just has to sit back and watch as the Shrewds make the case for his re-election simply through their own lunacy.

Yes there will be a point when the drum-beat march will become a lullaby for the Conservative Shrewds. But that point comes as the GOP Convention draws near, when they have expended all of their energy trying to prove their case and the dominant candidate is already apparent. Until then, this is one breed of loon that we all just have to put up with as long as we refuse to vote third party.

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