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How To Destroy A Person
– by David Matthews 2

This is going to sound very depressing, and I apologize in advance for making it so, but there are things that need to be said and they need to be said now and not later when most people would be asking. There are things going on right now that follow a certain pattern. That pattern needs to be recognized now so that others can try to do whatever they can to prevent it from running its full course.

And bear in mind this is really not meant to be a “how to”. Rather, this article serves as a warning to the actions going on in the here-and-now. These are not hypothetical situations. These are real, and some of the practices have been employed by some of our most well-known institutions.

Human beings are known for many things that no other animal on Earth could ever do. Some are great things. Some are really great and miraculous. We can invent some truly wonderful things. But some things we do are absolutely diabolical; an evil that would be far more lasting than any cardinal sin committed.

For instance we can destroy a fellow human being.

Now when I say “destroy”, I don’t mean kill, murder, or otherwise extinguish the actual life of another human being. No, that’s actually far easier to do. We don’t even have to do it intentionally.

But to actually destroy a human being… oh, that takes conscious thought. That takes intentional, malicious, and cognitive consideration.

When you destroy a human being, you don’t really kill that person. Not immediately anyway.

In fact, for the full effect of the destruction to be appreciated, you have to have that human being alive for as long as possible so you can relish in your handiwork and you can point others to it as well. Being able to gloat about it is part of the reason why some people cherish in destroying others. Yes, that person will eventually die, but they will do so with the knowledge that you actually destroyed them first.

Yes, to destroy a human being, you do so from the inside-out. You do so with their soul, with their spirit, with their will, with everything that makes them who and what they are.

You start with the little things. Find something they like. Something that they enjoy. Something that could define them. Take that away from them. Make them partake in the things that they would rather not do, and convince them that this would make for a good substitution.

Think for a minute about all of the things that a doctor or a special interest group suddenly told you was “dangerous” for your own good. “That morning coffee and Danish is bad for you! It’s clogging your arteries! Stop having it! Start eating these kinds of foods instead, and don’t add any extra seasoning to it. They taste bland, but at least you’ll live an extra year or two.”

It’s no coincidence that religious leaders are fixated on eliminating all physical and psychological pleasures in one’s life. It has nothing to do with spiritual rewards or living a “moral life”, and everything to do with being able to control their followers. Work harder with less, they say, and take pleasure in it. In fact, take pleasure in any kind of misery one is going through.

The next step is for you to take away who they are. Take away everything that defines them as individuals, as human beings. Reduce them to a number or a nickname. Don’t acknowledge dates that are important to them. Don’t value things that they consider important.

Put them on YOUR schedule, and refuse to acknowledge anything resembling a schedule for them. You need to DEMAND they be at your beck-and-call 24/7. Call them at all random hours. Eating dinner? Too bad. Doctor’s appointment? Reschedule it. Sleep? Tell them they’ll get enough when they’re dead.

Think of all of the dehumanization that goes on today. Think of the number of times you’re reduced to being an account number or your Social Security Number. Talk to a human being? Are you kidding? No, you need to go to a website or call an automated 800 number.

Personal information and privacy mean nothing to the almighty banking institutions. They whore our information out to telemarketers, who then feel perfectly fine to call us at all times of the day or night. Oh, but their own operations are classified.

Now this is the point when most people and most institutions stop. In fact, the elimination of things we like and also of who we are as individuals are two things done both in prison and in military training, and they’re done rather quickly, whereas everyone else does this gradually. And in those other instances, it’s done with a reason. The military does this to then build that person up into a soldier. And traditionally the penal institutions did this also so they could supposedly help rehabilitate the prisoners. Take away their names and all forms of identification in order to then build them up and make them better people. (Okay, it’s not how it’s used today, but that was how it was when the system was first thought up by the Quakers.)

But you’re not interested in building someone up, are you? No, you’re interested in destroying that person completely. So you don’t want to build them up after you’ve torn them down; you just need to keep that person torn down. And to do that, you need to take away the last thing that would keep them going… hope.

Let’s get brutally honest here… people can endure a lot if they believe that what they are going through is temporary. As long as people believe that help is coming, that salvation is at hand, that things will get better, that the torment they are going through is coming to an end, they will do anything they can to survive.

So what you do is you offer “hope”… and then take it away from them.

Dangle something they want, something that would make their suffering worth it. Offer help. Offer salvation. Offer the joy or love or pleasure that they’ve been deprived of all this time. Promise that promotion. Promise that “night of bliss”. Promise to recognize their actions or achievements. Then take it away. Claim that you never really “promised” these things. Forget you even made the “offer” in the first place. It’s business-as-usual.

It also helps if you can game the system to your advantage. Cheat. Rig the rules so that no matter what happens, you always win, and you always get away with everything. This is important, because if your intended victim believes that “the system” will help them, then that builds up hope for them, and that needs to be taken away as well.

Any of this look or sound familiar?

The banking systems get away with everything. Nobody goes to prison for screwing over America. The people that orchestrated our recession sit comfortably in positions of power and authority, immune from any kind of accountability. Political parties play this highly-orchestrated game of pretending to offer “change”, only to then quietly side with the status quo. They promise reforms that end up fixing nothing. Don’t like it? Too bad; it’s either this or “the other guy”, who is just the same and will play the same games.

Of course the hard part with this portion is that you have to do this constantly. You can’t really give them something to hope for. Once they’re down, you have to keep kicking them. They can’t be allowed to put their trust in anything except for more and more misery.

It takes time to implement, and obviously you can’t afford to let up for very long, lest those you’ve been tormenting decide to do something rather “tragic”, but after a while, you too can take pride in the fact that you’ve destroyed a human being.

Of course once you’ve started with one human being, you could then move up to a whole group of people. After all, that kind of ability is addictive. It’s like popping bubble-wrap… you can’t just stop at destroying one of them. Maybe you would want to destroy even a whole segment of the populace, easily segregated by social, religious, or economic differences. Then, maybe you could even set your sights on a whole nation. But by then, you might end up meeting with a few more people that are already doing that on that kind of large scale.

Remember… the purpose of this article is not to serve as a “how-to”, but rather as a warning to the changes going on in the here-and-now. There is some truth to the late Kurt Cobain’s saying “Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.”


John P Mac said...

They can't hurt you if you don't care. I've been broken and rebuilt in the military. That's where I learned you can't be defeated if you don't care. I'm fifty eight years old and I've been financially wiped out twice. My second rebuilding effort will culminate in a decent but not luxurious retirement. I'm happy with that. In spite of all, my integrity and honour are still intact. I can look anybody in the eye. That's all I care about and the rest is just shit.

Clarence Dember said...

That first part about raking away something a person possesses and substituting something else rang true in my early years. The rescheduled process of Christian doctrine also derailed me for a time but ultimately this can only work if your tormentor hates you. omething a person possesses and substituting something else rang true in my early years. The rescheduled process of Christian doctrine also derailed me for a time but ultimately this can only work if your tormentor hates you.