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Week of 03/21/2011

Libya: Here We Go Again
– by David Matthews 2

Here we go again, boys and girls…

The dropping of bombs, the gnashing of teeth, the fists-pumping delusions of a tin-plated “military officer” and his Islamic rhetoric, and of course FoxNews cheerfully prodding us into something we should be tired of already…


Our chosen country: Libya.

Our token bad guy… all the way back from the 1980’s we have “Colonel” Mommar Quadaffi… or is it Kudaffy… or Gadafi… or Kaddafi… at this rate he’ll probably change his name to a symbol like Prince did once upon a time. Hey, can we get FoxNews to lay off the anti-Islam rhetoric just long enough for us to get ONE STANDARD English translation so we can get the spelling of the bad guys finalized? Age, of course, has not been kind to the warlord… it’s been almost thirty years since we last had to cross two oceans to kick his sorry ass. Now he looks like Edward G. Robinson wrapped in a shower curtain.

Okay, to be fair, this supposedly IS NOT a “war”. It’s enforcing a “no-fly zone”. But apparently nobody told FoxNews that. FoxNews believes this is the new WAR ON LIBYA to go with the WAR ON MEXICO and the WAR ON CHRISTMAS and let’s not forget the WAR ON LIBERALS that is being eternally waged by their “all-star Prime-Time entertainers”.

But then again those other “wars” aren’t REAL wars. They’re prefabricated hype concocted by FoxNews and various conservative groups for the expressed purpose of carrying out certain political agendas. With Mexico, it’s a power-struggle for immigration policy. With Christmas, it’s a false-flag method to impose a Christian Reconstructionist/Dominionist agenda. And with Liberals, it’s just a precursor to take over the world. (“OF COURSE!”)

Libya, on the other hand, is an ACTUAL military conflict, with planes and bombs and people dying. Just like the OTHER military conflict that FoxNews had an active hand in getting us into. Where was it again? Big country, run by a known trouble-maker who also considered himself a “great military leader”… where was the name of that place? Oh, right, Iraq.

Well as Oliver Hardy used to tell Stan Laurel… “Here’s another nice mess you’ve got us into.” Thank you FoxNews for dragging us into yet ANOTHER military conflict.

But what surprises me is the subtle Oceania about-face that was made about this conflict.

This whole thing started with the wave of dissatisfaction in the Middle East. The “Have-Nots” of the land were rebelling against the “Haves” that were in charge. It started in Egypt, moved to Bahrain, then to Libya, and threatened Saudi Arabia.

Now this commentator seems to recall that these uprisings were considered “BAD” by the people in FoxNews. They were “BAD” not only because it disrupted the supply of oil and thus forced Wall Street Futures Speculators to go into another series of hysterical price spikes, but also because it supposedly could lead to “radical Islamic states”… that according to the ramblings a certain “Mad Profit” of that network. And what happens if this “sweeping unrest” reaches… - MOCK SHUDDER- … Saudi Arabia???

First it was “BAD”, but then when Kaddafi started attacking his own people and talk started up about wanting a no-fly zone, suddenly Fox’s own chickenhawk “experts” began pulling out the war drums. Then the message became that we NEED to go to war with Libya, and they demand to know why we haven’t done that already. And now, as Geraldo Rivera said it so well on Saturday, “We’re in it to win it”.

Even the “Mad Profit” himself pulled a “We have always been at war with Eastasia” retcon in a matter of seconds on this subject. The question is… how long before his listeners realize that he’s talking out of both sides of his rectum?

But I’m curious to see how the rest of the conservatives and neo-conservatives will handle this new “endeavor” from the Obama White House. After all, aren’t these the same people who WHINE and MOAN about costs? Who complain ENDLESSLY about MONEY and how we’re going to PAY for things? How ARE we going to pay for this new “WAR” if the government is - according to House Speaker John “Crybaby” Boehner - “out of money”? And how is it that the Military-Industrial Complex gets an automatic buy-in when “everything else” is supposedly subject to cuts and micro-management?

I certainly hope that Obama doesn’t think he can get some sort of “war rebound” with this, because let’s get brutally honest here… that particular political myth was thoroughly DESTROYED going back to Operation Desert Storm, never mind the non-rebound that happened during Afghanistan and Iraq.

Or maybe it’s the idea that placating the neo-con’s fascist love of eternal war would his White House a break from all of the insurrectionist rhetoric. After all, they were the ones that set down the unofficial rule that you can’t criticize a President in a time “of war”, and enforcing a no-fly zone can qualify for that, right? Oh, wait, that only applies when it’s a GOP President! These guys have had a mad-on hatred of Obama since he started campaigning in 2007. Plus they weren’t exactly jumping for joy when Bill Clinton got us involved with Bosnia and was bombing Iraq to take attention away from his own impeachment. Yeah, if the neo-cons were to do a sudden flip-flop on this we’d have to call out the guys with the white coats and butterfly nets and place a HUGE order for those wraparound jackets and padded rooms.

Oh, yeah, Bosnia… almost forgot about that little conflict! Don’t we still have troops there? That pretty much shows that there is NOTHING “temporary” about these little excursions.

Okay, while I’m bothered that we are once again placating to the neo-con war machine, I sincerely hope that this “no-fly” mission is limited and that our so-called “coalition” doesn’t fall into the familiar pattern of “US” becoming “just U.S.”. This needs to be Libya’s battle. This is their tin-plated ruler, and it’s high time that they step up and remove him from power.

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