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Hillary’s Rules
– by David Matthews 2

There are all sorts of rules that we have to deal with in life. Everything that is structured and organized has to have some kind of rules in place to make sure that everything works the way they are supposed to.

Perhaps what is the most annoying, then, is when those rules are changed on you.

Sometimes the rules need to be changed because of some outside influence. For instance, the debut and use of performance-enhancing drugs caused some changes in athletic competition. People were getting larger, stronger, faster, at a rate that simply was not natural, and with some very dangerous risks attached to them. To adapt to that change and to make things more level (not to mention safer), professional sports had to change the rules to prohibit the use of those drugs.

But sometimes the rules aren’t changed to make things more “level”, but simply to thoroughly screw over other people.

Banks have been doing this for years now. They issue credit cards to people, encourage widespread use, increase their credit limits, and even give them checks so they can take cash out on those credit cards. Then they change the rules on you.

They add penalties for being late in making your minimum payments, even if you do it once. Your 9% interest rate goes to 30% or even 35%. Then they change the payment schedule so that you almost certainly will be late at least once if you don’t make a payment immediately upon getting your monthly statement. They will also change the interest rate if you’re late on any OTHER credit cards you may have, not necessarily that particular one with the bank. They’ll change the formula used to assess the interest charge. They’ll even change the interest rates on the KINDS of transactions you have with that card. Using those “convenient” checks that they love to dish out will cost you far more than if you simply put the cost directly on the card.

Have an issue with them on these rule changes? Well they’ll change the rules on that as well, so that you’ll have to take your matter up in arbitration, through a group of THEIR choosing, and under THEIR rules, so that your chances of winning will be next to nothing.

Don’t like it? Well you’re free to find another bank… as long as you don’t have any outstanding balance on that card. Oh, and good luck finding another lender that isn’t playing by those rules. And good luck getting them to close your account as well. It almost takes an act of God to get them to close out your account.

Women are notorious for changing the rules, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships. This is something that I know a little bit about, because I am of the firm belief that all of the women I have known will change the rules so that I specifically will not be seen as attractive to women. They want their ideal man to be tall, but not as tall as me. They want a man to be strong when I’m being sensitive, and sensitive when I’m being strong. They insist that a man open up with their feelings, but they really don’t want to know what my feelings really are. They want to be complimented, and then, when they are, they accuse me of either lying to them or being condescending. They say that looks aren’t important, but they’ll shoot me down for not being good-looking. They say that money doesn’t really matter for them, but they’ll shoot me down if I’m not rich. First they say that their boyfriends should be their best friends, and then they say that they don’t want to ruin their “friendship” with me. I have YET to find a female friend who would be willing to upgrade my “friendship” to “friends with benefits”. All too often my “friendship” is one of THEIR convenience only.

In other words, women are guilty of changing the rules to maintain power and control over others, just like the banks do. And if it means that someone like yours truly can never EVER get a break in life, well then that’s too bad, isn’t it?

And that brings us directly to Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton, the presidential wannabe and former First Lady from the state of New York by way of Washington DC. If there is anyone who knows more about rules and rule changes, it is her.

In her mad quest for the White House, Mrs. Clinton has repeatedly demonstrated that the rules are subject to interpretation and re-interpretation, especially when those rules stand in the way of what she believes is hers.

Here are some of the favorite rules that she’s either pushed for or her surrogates and representatives have pushed for during the 2008 campaign…

Count ALL of the votes! Remember this one? Hillary wants ALL of the votes counted! Especially the votes in Florida and Michigan… which, of course she campaigned heavily in and won, even though those states KNEW going into their respective party elections that they were violating the DNC’s rules about having their elections in January and could very well lose their delegates. It didn’t matter. Hillary PROMISED those states that they would have their delegates matter, so she’s is DEMANDING that all of the votes count!

“Count ALL the votes!” That’s her mantra!

UNLESS you’re talking about certain caucuses. The ones that happen to vote for Barack Obama. Those don’t count.

Oh, and UNLESS you’re talking about those states that voted for Barack Obama too. Those don’t count either.

But all the other primaries… the ones that voted FOR her… those MUST count! And they must count at all costs! To HELL with the DNC rules! TO HELL WITH THEM! Those votes MUST count!

You have to QUALIFY to become president! Apparently Hillary and her surrogates have appointed themselves as the Democrats’ version of the Department of Motor Vehicles, because they have declared that Barack Obama has failed to meet some kind of qualification threshold for President of the United States that goes above and beyond the qualifications outlined in the U.S. Constitution.

“I will bring a lifetime of experience to the White House, John McCain will bring a lifetime of experience to the White House, and Barack will bring a speech he gave in 2002.” she said.

Wow! That’s harsh, Hillary! You mean to say that the eight years you spent in the White House picking out china patterns and going on fluff tours with your daughter somehow counts as a “lifetime of experience” but Obama’s years as state senator and U.S. Senator don’t? Or are you saying that your years as First Lady was a cover for some kind of clandestine Karl Rove-style puppetmaster position that gave you all of the power of running the country without the burdens of responsibility?

Oh, but don’t worry… while Obama apparently fails the “Clinton Standard” to be president, he could STILL be her running mate, IF he can meet a different set of undetermined standards. No doubt that key amongst those standards would be that he abandons his campaign bid and kisses her pants-suited butt.

Hands OFF the family! Chelsea Clinton, the former First Daughter, is no longer a child. She’s a grown adult and she’s actively campaigning for her mother. BUT the two of them still expect the same protectionist rules to apply to the young adult. That means that the media can’t interview her. Oh, and she refuses to answer any questions about her father’s infidelity from ten years ago.

In fact, members of the media are specifically PROHIBITED from speaking despairingly of Chelsea’s participation in the campaign. On MSNBC reporter dared to ask what any normal citizen of the United States would ask, if the Senator was essentially “pimping out” her daughter this way. He ended up being suspended from his job at the specific insistence of the Senator.

HOWEVER… personal attacks on Michelle Obama, Barack’s wife, are perfectly fine and dandy. In fact, anything she says can and WILL be used against her husband. And they have. Often. And that’s fine according to Hillary. In fact EVERYONE that Obama knows or has known or has ever been in contact with is fair game to Hillary. Just don’t try to judge HER by the company that SHE keeps.

EVERY state needs a debate! Hillary is of this belief that every state contest DEMANDS a televised debate against Obama. No big surprise here since she can use the debate rules and her influence with those who serve as the moderators of these debates to her advantage.

Never mind, of course, if nobody else wants a debate, or if the voting public are simply so TURNED OFF by these stupid things that they would rather get a prostrate exam than even HEAR about one more debate! No, EVERY state needs a debate so Hillary can attack Barack Obama personally over and over and over again in person instead of whining about it to the media and looking like a spoiled bitch in the process.

Mainstream Media HATES Hillary! According to “She who will NOT be ignored”, the dreaded MSM HATES Hillary! They really HATE her! They’re bigoted and biased and they will NEVER give her a break because she’s a WOMAN! They’re all in Barack Obama’s back pocket. THEY want him to win, NOT the American voters! Or at least NOT the voters that she consider worthy of counting.

Never mind that CNN’s Lou Dobbs, the so-called “independent champion”, always has Hillary’s supporters on his show. NEVER MIND that one of his so-called “BEST” panel members, and one that he favors the most, is a confirmed super-delegate sworn to Hillary! NEVER MIND that ABC news has a former member of the Clinton staff on their payroll who was instrumental in the political lynching of Obama in the last televised debate.

NEVER MIND any of that! If the mainstream media is not kissing her pants-suited ass then they are firmly AGAINST her and they are guilty of conspiring AGAINST her!

And then of course there is my favorite of “Hillary’s Rules”…

If you can’t say anything nice about Hillary, then you can’t say anything AT ALL! An MSNBC reporter is suspended and thrown under the bus by his colleagues for asking a legitimate question about Hillary using her daughter as a protected campaign tool.

An Obama advisor named Samantha Power calls Hillary a “monster” off the record to a European newspaper, and she is unceremoniously shown the door THE NEXT DAY.

Randi Rhodes says something personal and legitimate about Hillary and her surrogate, Geraldine Ferraro, and using language that would not be safe for television, and she is forced out of her job at Air America Radio.

Obama’s former minister, a firebrand orator, has his scathing words of condemnation of America broadcast over and over again for the world to see, and he’s forced into obscurity. A visiting minister by the name of Michael Pfleger shows up at that same church and he says something honest about his view of Hillary, albeit in a mocking tone, and HE is forced to apologize, and Obama is forced to leave his church.

Meanwhile, Ferraro makes a despairing comment about Obama and race, and even though the calls go out from Hillary’s own supporters – even tacit ones like Keith Olbermann – for her to dismiss and condemn Ferraro’s comments, she instead allows the former Vice-Presidential nominee to step down on her own accord and act like she was the helpless martyr to the mainstream media’s nasty barbs.

Am I the only one who can’t help but see a rank pattern of hypocrisy going on here? Is this commentator, a political cynic and independent voter, with allegiance to NEITHER the Democrats or the Republicans, the only person in this whole world who can see the double-standard that has been set up? Why is Obama forced to shoulder the burden of every single comment made against Hillary by his supporters (and even some that aren’t his supporters) when the same cannot be said when the roles are reversed? In fact one disgruntled Clinton supporter went so far as to publicly condemn both Obama and the Democratic Party in front of the media, and does Hillary decry the sheer hatred like she DEMANDS that Obama do day in and day out? NO!

Let’s get brutally honest here… it seems like the only rule that exists in this 2008 Presidential campaign season is that Hillary is the only one that can make the rules! AND that they only apply to other people, NEVER for her or her supporters!

I can understand if Barack Obama wants to carry on this idea that his campaign should be on a higher level than the nasty political games and dirty tricks that the Clintons and the Republicans are notorious for. But if Hillary is supposed to be the “better candidate”, wouldn’t it require her to be held to the SAME standards as she imposes on others? Wouldn’t it require her to be held responsible and accountable for the statements made by her people and her supporters? Wouldn’t it require her to apologize profusely for Terry McAuliffe’s comments about some mythical “qualification level”? Wouldn’t it require her to apologize for belittling his legitimate legislative experience while exaggerating her own fluff experience?

Of course it would. And that’s the problem. She doesn’t believe that she is the “better candidate”. She believes that she is THE candidate. Period.

Maybe we can’t shut Hillary up, but we have two options open. We can bitterly oppose her self-appointed rules and get in her face with them and decry the media for selling out to her and her acolytes. Or we can do to her what the Democrats did to another candidate by the name of Mike Gravel. We can shut her out completely. Make her persona non grata. That won’t be hard to do when Obama secures enough delegates and super-delegates to get the nomination. Sure it really won’t matter until the convention in August, but at least it would be the justification needed to shut out the Clintonistas and relegate them to the basement. Then she can make up all the rules in the world, and it won’t matter, because she won’t matter. For someone who is essentially the Alex Forrest of the Democrats, that would certainly be a fitting fate.

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