Monday, October 13, 1997

Week of 10/13/1997

New World Order?
We’re supposed to be afraid of.. the world?
- by David Matthews 2

Had an unusual message come through the libertarian newsgroups a couple of weeks ago. It came from someone who objected to the platform statement of the Libertarian Party. Nothing new there, the newsgroups have been taking hits from "trolls" for a while now. It’s a regular occurrence for someone to come in, say that the Libertarian Party is a waste, or that libertarians are idealistic dreamers who have no concept of the real world, and then leave. Sometimes they even stick around just long enough to banter with those who counter their arguments, but only those who respond with knee-jerk reactions or insults.

One of these "troll" messages had an unusual twist to it - the implied threat of some "new world order" coming in and taking over the country. The "new world order" fear is nothing new, but I guess it brought out something that needs to be addressed.

Ten years ago I was asked by the local television station on my thoughts about the anniversary of the United Nations. I told the reporter that I thought it was a good start, but it needed improvement. She asked how, but at the time I didn’t have the answer. Now I do, and it’s the same reason why I’m not afraid of some "new world order" invading us any time soon.

The reason why the United Nations has been somewhat of a failure is that it has been unable to properly govern the nations of the world!

Oh sure, the UN can whip out a humanitarian effort every now and then. But how about some of the more serious cases such as Somalia or Bosnia? Even with their own military forces, the UN has been stymied to actually DO something in cases where military action was needed! Instead they call on good ol’ Uncle Sam to help bail them out.

And we’re supposed to be afraid that these guys will invade US?

Let’s be brutally honest here, we’ve got too many countries that are so ethnocentric that they can’t even consider working with their neighbors never mind trying to be part of some "new world order" so they can take over America. We have countries like France and Canada who are petrified that the French language will be replaced with English that they are suing companies that use only English on the Internet. These countries are actually afraid of US! We have as much chance of these guys invading us as we do seeing Newt Gingrich do the two-step with Barney Frank!

What I am worried about, however, is the influx of AMERICANS who want to subvert everything this country stands for. Forget the mythical black UN helicopters, let’s worry about the politicians who decide that constitutional rights are a myth. Let’s worry about whether or not we will actually balance the federal budget instead of making hay about invaders from other countries who can’t even afford to keep their OWN country in order!

And for those of you who think a "one world government" would be a good thing, you have to remember that having there’s more involved than just getting a bunch of dignitaries together and claiming you’re some international governing body. It takes leadership, it takes determination, and it take commitment to get the job done even if it means stepping on some toes! The next time you’re on an ARMED military escort carrying food and supplies through a war zone, and the local would-be rebel troops tell you that you can’t cross their line, your first order shouldn’t be "call the secretary-general" but rather to "LOCK AND LOAD!" You’re not stepping on toes when the local pissant on a power-binge decides to make life that much harder for you. They’ve already stepped on your toes! Those guns aren’t there for decoration! They’re there so those soldiers can do what they’re trained to do, and that is kick ass and let someone else bury the remains!

In short, it would be nice to think there could be a united world government. However, for now I would throw such sentiments in with other utopian dreams. It’s something nice to think about, but unrealistic to actually implement.

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