Monday, June 16, 1997

Week of 06/16/1997

Affairs of the (Political) Heart - Part 2
- by David Matthews 2

Last week, you read how Georgia conservatives were all in a tizzy about the admittance that former state Attorney General Mike Bowers had a long-term affair while publicly defending Georgia’s antiquated sex laws. Many people were upset that now they might have to choose between voting for their morals and voting for the Republican Party.

Now Bowers has decided to remain in the race. He feels he can recoup his losses and still win the nomination. It’s understandable, since Bowers is a career politician who is currently without a political position to fall back on. (He had no choice when he resigned to run for governor. Georgia law forbids a state official to retain their job while searching for a higher one.) Yet many are now speculating that Bowers has dug a political ditch do deep that he can’t recover from it all. I agree. Bowers has admitted to violating Georgia law. Adultery is illegal in Georgia as well as a few other states. He essentially admitted to committing a crime. He is … and say it with me now… a CRIMINAL!

Bowers’ support is slowly evaporating. Some of his earlier supporters in the state legislature are now reconsidering their choice and are looking towards other possible candidates. But as long as no one else is throwing their hat in the ring, Bowers seems to be their only choice.

Fortunately, some good news may be in the works. Two members of the Georgia legislature, one in each branch, have introduced legislation that would repeal the old laws concerning sex between consenting adults. Fornication, sodomy (both oral and anal) and adultery would all be made legal, while the provisions pertaining to force (such as sodomy in the commission of a crime) would remain in effect.

Let’s be brutally honest here. I think this legislation is long overdue. Government has absolutely no business whatsoever in telling consentual adults what to do in the bedroom. Period! These laws were written by moralists who were absolutely paranoid that someone might actually enjoy a modicum of pleasure from an act they have reduced to simply being a "marital responsibility." And the real pathetic part about it is there are still people today who are supporting these laws and actually want them to be enforced!

The Christian Coalition and their supporters in the Georgia legislature have vowed to defeat any attempt to repeal these laws. These people belong in the Jeopardy category "People who have absolutely no concept whatsoever of the real world!" They scream that there’s nothing wrong with the laws - they just need to be enforced.

OK. Fine. You want them enforced? Here’s my challenge to you - there’s an admitted CRIMINAL by the name of Mike Bowers. If you really think these laws should be enforced, then you go the Attorney General’s office and DEMAND he be prosecuted! You bring charges against him for committing adultery! Don’t spare him one whit of your self-righteous judgment just because he’s one of your own!

The message to these modern-day Pharisees is simple: Get off the pulpit! If you want to enforce your puritanical laws, then get off your high-horse and do it! If not, then shut up and join your buddy Bowers in wearing the scarlet letter of hypocrisy because you two really deserve each other!

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